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Weston, Pensacola  Newborn Photographer
  • Weston, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • I love repeat clients and literally watching families grows as their welcome a new member. Nearly 2 years ago, I photographed Grayton, and look at him now being the big Bro! We really tried to get Grayton interested in joining in the hand picture... in fact I took a quick behind the scene picture with my iphone, and might have to share it too. A toddler in the mix of a newborn session does spice things up. I still haven't come up with a comfortable way to get this hand image, and poor Bambi [...]
Shay, Florida Panhandle Newborn Photographer
  • Shay, Florida Panhandle Newborn Photographer

  • Just 8 days new, meet sweet little Shay. I am most grateful to her aunt, Amber, for having contacted me and hired me to photograph this little angel. I met Amber at "Pensacola State College", we were both students this past fall in a photography class. Let me brag a little about our local community college and its Visual Art Department. To date, I have taken about a dozen classes in that funny shape building at the corner of 9th Avenue and Airport Boulevard. Each instructor has been outstan [...]
Ivy Simone, Pensacola newborn photographer
  • Ivy Simone, Pensacola newborn photographer

  • As my middle child is gearing up to go to college this summer, I am reminded how quickly it all went. Back when our son Will went to Montessori school for a couple years, we had a parent gathering and were asked what had we learned so far in our role as parents. I was always in a hurry and I listened as one dad said :"to stop and smell the roses"... I did an internal huge eye roll! How corny I thought, of course we all know to appreciate the good moments. But I should have paid more heed, I s [...]
Everly Mae
  • Everly Mae

  • Meet sweet Everly Mae. Her older sister, Jolie, already has the experience of having a younger sibling and has the instincts of a little mama. Annaleigh was not so interested in being part of the shoot but oh soooo cute!!!
Victor, Pensacola area newborn photographer
  • Victor, Pensacola area newborn photographer

  • When I first came to Pensacola, I signed up to join the Needlepoint guild, and every Mondays I met the sweetest ladies in the upstairs of a framing shop to learn the art of needlepointing with its so many stitches. Later, when I became a mother, I discovered the Heirloom shop and spent so much time with Mary Dickson who taught me so much in the art of sewing and hand embroidery. Lately I have been hanging out at "Dixie Knit". This fabulous knitting shop in downtown Pensacola has been opened n [...]
Trent, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Trent, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • Meet sweet little Trent. He moulded into every pose like a champ, rocking his first modeling gig! I may start offering "mini newborn session" again, and these would be exactly the images you could expect from a mini: just what we call in our photography lingo "beanbag" images. There are no props such as beds, bowls, chairs, simply different beautiful fabrics (in many textures and color options), many adorable little outfits (knitted, lace, headbands, floral crowns...) and a wide variety of po [...]
Sunny Loa, Pensacola Photographer
  • Sunny Loa, Pensacola Photographer

  • Meet sweet Sunny. You could definitely say she is a miracle baby, when her parents tried for 6 years to start a family. She comes into the world like a ray of sunshine, and gets her name for all the joy she brings into her family. Her middle name, Loa, is Samoan (from the Samoa island in Oceania) for a tree producing a red dye, and most likely, this little girl will have a beautiful head of red hair, owning her name so perfectly! Ashley and Jeremy lived for a while in Samoa and were most imp [...]
Grayleigh, Pensacola Photographer
  • Grayleigh, Pensacola Photographer

  • Greyleigh's mom came for a newborn consultation the day before she delivered! The free consultation before your newborn session is in no way binding (it doesn't mean that you have to hire me to photograph your baby). It allows you to meet me and just make sure you are comfortable with me photographing your baby. After all, we are talking of your precious newborn and it makes sense you would like to know the person who will be handling and posing your baby before your trust them with that task [...]
Kailo, Escambia Newborn Photographer
  • Kailo, Escambia Newborn Photographer

  • I have a feeling this little man will learn to ride a skateboard as he starts to stand on his feet! I bet his favorite hang out place will soon be aside his dad at "Waterboyz" and I'm pretty sure he'll have all the ladies at his mom's "Hair salon" swooning over him!
MJ, Pensacola newborn photographer
  • MJ, Pensacola newborn photographer

  • Meet sweet MJ, already receiving so much doting from all his family. His aunt bought him the adorable bonnet with beard to match his dad's generous whiskers, and its fit him so perfectly! His parents like the water and fishing, so we have a couple images with the feel of the sea and boat. This little man was so sweet and a perfect little model... I know... I have the best job!
Mariah and Kato, Pensacola Photographer
  • Mariah and Kato, Pensacola Photographer

  • Hello internet, as you might have noticed in the past year I have narrowed my field of photography to newborns, maternity and 6 months old babies. Occasionally I will be swoon to venture out. Mariah contacted me towards the end of last year, she was so so nice, so sweet about her request to photograph her little toddler that I gladly gave it a try. My style of photography is usually much more posed, but I love lifestyle photography. Kato did not have the posed style in mind and it was fun to [...]
Jayden, Little Prince
  • Jayden, Little Prince

  • Jayden came into a family with lots of women, and is considered the little prince in his kingdom. I was back home in France last week, and while I was setting up the details of his newborn session, his mama was asking me about a Prince themed picture. I did some research and went to my favorite fabric store in Aix-en-Provence, "La Victoire", bought some fabrics, ribbons, and sewed a little outfit, crown & Fleur de Lis for the Prince:) If you are interested in a newborn session, it is always g [...]