Olivia, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

The biggest challenge during a newborn session is to have a sleepy baby. Sleepy enough that you can move him/her in all those cute little folded squishy poses. That’s why we recommend to bring plenty of extra milk, once full newborns tend to fall into that drunken milk state, allowing us to “mold” baby and get some great images. Little miss Olivia was totally out! So much so that I couldn’t get her to open her eyes for my ‘mug shot”, a picture I like to give in timeless Black & white. It’s as it sounds, like a mug shot: a white backdrop and a very simple head shot. She kept on sleeping despite all our efforts to wake her. No matter, we have plenty of very adorable perfect little poses! Which was is your favorite? Drop a comment to let me know! I can’t decide between the tushy up and the side laying one.

Ptatosack pose

taco pose

side laying

tushy up

the pose


little bed


baby bed

hair rollers

bucket pose

with mom

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