A little over 2 years ago I photographed Ashley and Jeremy’s first child, “Sunny”, she was a rainbow baby. It took more than 6 years and lots of treatments for Ashley to have Sunny. Last year, Covid brought so many changes into our lives, Ashley and Jeremy decided it was time to commit to become foster parents. Something they had planned to do eventually. They welcomed an other child in their home. Barely a month later, they find out Ashley is pregnant, and here comes Juliette, on her own! A beautiful perfect little miracle. Just like that, they are a family of 5 now, with 3 little ones under 3, they have their hands full, but are the sweetest most patient set of parents. Look at Sunny all grown with her gorgeous strawberry blond curls!

Baby in froggy pose

baby curled up like in the womb

Upclose baby portrait

Baby in fall colors

Smiling baby wrapped up

sleepy baby on her side

baby in a hammock

cute baby in a wicker bed

Baby in a shell

Parents and baby

mom and daughters

That’s the reaction I get when I say “one more picture, the last one I promise!”

Baby's expression

baby black and white portrait

Baby in dad's hands

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  1. by Jeremy Dubyak on May 14, 2021  8:36 pm Reply

    Thank you for the beautiful photos!

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