Skylar, Pensacola Baby Photographer
  • Skylar, Pensacola Baby Photographer

  • I'm so sorry I missed Skylar's birth last summer, I would have loved to do her newborn session. I told her aunt then, that the next big photography milestone would be when she could sit on her own. Usually around 6 months. I am so happy she came into my studio last week, she was a the perfect stage, for what we like to call a "sitter session". Infants at that age all seem to have HUGE eyes and so many extraordinary expressions. There are no inhibitions and their faces, whole body language a [...]
Benjamin, Pensacola Newborn photographer
  • Benjamin, Pensacola Newborn photographer

  • Heather, Benjamin's mom, was real smart during her pregnancy and went diligently to her "Pure Barre" classes. If you haven't tried it yet, I urge you to test a class, it's a wonderful workout! Thanks to her dedication, getting back into shape post pregnancy will be a breeze. Little Benjamin was a wonderful little model at just 9 days new. His big sister, Hillary was a total champ, and we were able to get some very cute sibling poses. Those are always so precious to have. [...]
Josie, Pensacola Newborn photographer
  • Josie, Pensacola Newborn photographer

  • This may be my last blog post for the year 2017. I am gearing up to have my family come spend the Christmas season with us, and to house everyone, I'm turning my studio into a dorm! I may have to post some pictures of the transformation, I'm trying to make it as cosy as possible as I love having them over, and I want to lure them into returning as often as possible:) In the mean time, look how sweet little Josie is!
  • Family portrait: the Belsingers

  • And every once in a while I do photograph a long time client for a family session. Here is one of my very favorite people, if you know her, you must agree she is pure kindness: Laura. She owns the beautiful women's clothes boutique downtown near Dharma Blue, "Bluetique". If you haven't been yet, hurry to go visit, you will love her selection and I bet you can knock out most of your Christmas list there.
  • Lauren

  • I am mostly focusing on newborn photography these days, but I still love to photograph high school seniors. Especially ones as nice as Lauren! I can't wait to see what you do with your life, I have a pretty good feeling it is going to be well thought out and successful path.
Andrew, Pensacola Newborn
  • Andrew, Pensacola Newborn

  • This little guy came in a little early. Instead of arriving on November 10th, he decided to surprise everyone on October 31st... his parents are going to love celebrating Halloween from now on! Pumpkins, a little wink to Andrew's birthdate. I feel super strongly about this: IT DOESN"T MATTER HOW TIRED YOU THINK YOU LOOK, I WILL PHOTOGRAPH YOU WITH YOUR BABY... you will thank me later if you don't believe me now. I love parent/baby images, the connection and new love must be do [...]
  • Lucy

  • As promised more pictures from Lucy's session. Her sweet mama is part of my FOF community. I haven't been able to join back bootcamp since my injury, but I loved my early morning group and the great workouts Josh always had ready for us. Anna stayed in shape during her pregnancy going to bootcamp just about until she delivered Lucy.
Ava and Lauren, Pensacola New Born Photographer
  • Ava and Lauren, Pensacola New Born Photographer

  • This week is quite a turning point in Ava's very young life and in her mama's, Lauren. At just 8 weeks, Ava is now now discovering daycare as Lauren has to go back to work, missing the love of her life and anxious nobody (much less a total stranger) could ever care for her daughter as much and as well as she does. I have a personal connection with Ava's grand mother, Renee. Back in 1994, when I came to the US as a french medical student doing a summer rotation at Baptist hospital, Renee worke [...]
  • Jenni, Pensacola Maternity Photographer

  • Jenni was the lucky winner of my giveaway this past fall. This is "phase 1" of her gift, and in the next couple of weeks, once little Finley makes her grand entrance into our world, she'll be my little model, wrapping up this giveaway. My purpose was to celebrate motherhood, as I'm feeling so grateful at this point of my journey with my children. Contestant had to email me a little paragraph telling me about their pregnancy. This was Jenni's: "I don't know that I deserve to win this contest [...]
Mattie Adair, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Mattie Adair, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • Though I have not sat in Mr Bowlds class, I know from my daughter, Olivia, that he is a wonderful history teacher. The passionate kind who will turn his classroom into a mocked battlefield with overturned desk, making his lectures lively and memorable. The kind who really cares about his pupils: he boosted Olivia when he organized a facetime session with her in France and his classroom is the US. The snippet of his daily life with his students, he occasionally shares on social media, I hope wi [...]