Mason, 9 days old
  • Mason, 9 days old

  • I suspect Mason's mama has a special soft spot for rabbits, since she brought the adorable little crochet outfit, I have seen more pictures of cute little bunnies on her social media. How fitting that Mason was born just before Easter!
  • Samantha, Washington High School Senior Class of 2016

  • I love all the pictures from Samantha's session but I am especially happy with the very last one. Samantha has been a very talented gymnast for many years, my daughters used to be fascinated by her backflips during the middle school's basketball games cheering. She took it to the next level and has been competing in cheer. I always try to have senior images represent the lives of my client and felt we had to have one of Samantha doing one of her crazy flips! [...]
  • Peyton, Pensacola senior photographer

  • This session was so much fun! Very soon, I will post the other half of it: Ally's images (hang on tight Ally:). It was a blast to photograph 2 friends at the same time, and exciting for me to explore new places in Fairhope, just across the border in Alabama. I strongly recommend to team up with a friend for your senior session, it makes for so many genuine laughing happy moments, and worth traveling a little to find new backdrops.
  • Rowan

  • Not nearly a senior yet (I am always happy to photograph through all ages of teenagers), Rowan is 14 and an unusual soul. You totally rocked the 2010 version of the late eighties rock punk style! Love the dockers!
  • Fixed On Fitness

  • March 1st... How are your new year's resolutions going for you? Did you jump on a new diet fad? Did you commit to getting back in shape, join a new gym like you promised yourself? It's all within our grasp, there are plenty of others who seem to lead a normal life, and manage to resist food temptations and find enough time in their schedule to workout. Did you get there? Are you still considering it? Are you searching for a little motivation? Here's a little help, a lot of help really: co [...]
Sawyer, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Sawyer, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • I was a little nervous before Sawyer's newborn mini session: he was already considered a little old, just 5 days shy of celebrating his first month. The trick during a newborn session is to have the baby in a deep sleep in order to move him from one pose to the next and to perfect each shot. Fresh out of the womb they tend to sleep most of the time, but quickly develop with each day, and stay awake longer periods of time, rendering a photography session a bit more of a challenge. Sawyer was t [...]
Julia Simone, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
Harbor, Pensacola Newborn photographer
  • Chris, Pensacola Senior Photographer

  • Chris was a part of the Senior Team Model for the class of 2016. A very competitive tennis player, and outstanding student, Chris has been offered a spot in several of the most prestigious colleges, to finally set his heart on NorthWestern. I am excited to see what Chris will do with his life, he is already accomplishing so much and taking charge!
  • Carleigh

  • I know I've already mentioned it, but if you are considering hiring me for your senior session, don't forget that not so far, we have some different landscapes... Fairhope, Watercolors... why not New Orleans? If we can team up 3 sessions, I would wave the travel fee, I would be so excited to explore new locations! Check out Carleigh's beautiful images in Watercolors. Carleigh was on the senior model team for the class of 2016 and participated in the vintage military plane photo shoot, as well [...]
Amelia & Emory
  • Amelia & Emory

  • It's always a double treat to have newborn twins in the studio! The connection will never cease to amaze me! You can watch the babies soothing each other, usually one will have a hand looking for the other, it's very so sweet and heart warming.