• Childhood

  • I grew up in my family’s home in the beautiful Provence country side, where the smell of lavender fields and the closeness of family were abundant, surrounded by the charming streets and colorful markets that now fill my childhood memories.
Family life
  • Family life

  • It’s been over 18 blessed years since that magic day. In 1994, I came to Pensacola for a summer rotation with an endocrinologist. One of my favorite uncles lives in Gulf Breeze and wanted to introduce me to Henry. It was “love at first sight”. He proposed after our first kiss.
How I became a photographer
  • How I became a photographer

  • Light into images=photography When I moved to the US and decided not to pursue my medical career, I was all too excited to let my “artistic” side free. Photography initially started with me taking photography courses and getting my own dark room. When Will was born, I stopped using all the chemicals in our small house with my baby. It wasn’t long before the digital world exploded, and I jumped in taking college courses in Photoshop and digital imagery manipulation and practiced my photograp [...]
My other passions
  • My other passions

  •   In med school as I learned about the amazing human machine and its complex organs, I marveled at the miracle we are. I am very grateful for my healthy body, but mostly for my eyes and the ability to register through them the many beautiful sights of this world. My hands are my soul’s vector, they are in constant motion, even when I speak (it’s the Latin in me). I can count on my big hands and big fingers to carry on small, delicate projects as well as more physical, arduous tasks. I m [...]