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  • Laura, Joe & Cannon

  • What a beautiful family and fun session this was!Cannon was just a few days shy of his first birthday, and although he didn't feel much like giving me lots of smiles, he sure was sweet and patient with me. Laura and Joe have this amazing chocolate lab, Bailey (hope I have the spelling correct), that they have trained to do the most incredible tricks: for one she's very obedient and would parade behind me to entertain Cannon, and she knows how to retrieve a beer from the refrigerator and bring i [...]
  • Walton

  • Walton is about to celebrate his first birthday, he is growing super fast!I first took his pictures when he was 8 days old, and he managed to fit cupped in his mother's palms. Looking at him now, that seems impossible!Well, he's a very cute little boy, with beautiful parents:
  • Baby A

  • I recently offered a special promotion to an OBGYN practice: only 20 expecting mothers will receive a complementary newborn portrait session. I hope each one of them will take advantage of this opportunity. Fallowing are some of my favorite pictures taken during the first of these sittings. Baby A is only 11 days old here, and she slept the whole time I photographed her. She's just adorable and beautiful like her mother.I love it when they smile in their sleep.Little A's grandparents are bot [...]
  • Baby pictures

  • Here are a few pictures from a baby session. This sweet boy was around a month old and his grand mother called me to take some images as a surprise for her daughter in law's birthday. It was very touching to see how caring the dad was with his new little boy, I hope next time I'll get both parents behind my camera.Baby's grow up so fast, we're all aware that there is no time to even blink. There are a few stages that we should record with photography images, the first one being their first 2 [...]