Hallow, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

A little over 2 years ago I photographed “Zinnamon”, Hallow’s big bro, as he was just a newborn. I was excited then to meet Mallory, after talking about her with her sweet mom. This time, I was really looking forward to their session, to have a nice visit and some time to catch up. It’s pretty cool having repeat clients, getting to see families grow. I photographed Hallow just as she was turning 2 weeks. I know some parents worry about the “right time” to photograph their baby. I make my decision depending on the birth weight, the date of birth (relative to the expected date). When I started photographing newborns, I thought the earlier was the best, I jokingly told parents to stop by my studio on their way home from the hospital! I was kind of hoping we could schedule it that soon. Experience has changed my mind on the subject, and I prefer to give the parents and the baby a little time to recover from the whole birthing experience. I almost wish I could photograph most babies at their 2 weeks mark, and some maybe even later. The absolute BEST thing, tho is to contact me from the hospital so we can schedule the proper date in both our calendars. It’s even BETTER if you contact me while still pregnant, so we can customize your session, a consultation allows me to be well prepared and that makes for a smooth session.


wrapped in bed

tower blanket


womb pose

close up bonnet

side laying

egg wrap

the pose in blue

boho bed

peach swing

feather nest

orchids and baby

baby in a chair

blue bucket

floral bucket

Zinnamon did really well in my studio, it can be a little intimidating to have all the attention in a new place for a toddler his age, but he adjusted like a champ!

sibling bucket

mom and baby


family pic

dad and baby

Mug shot!


mug shotPensacola Newborn Photographer

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