Channing, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

You walk in for your newborn session one morning barely 2 weeks after you’ve delivered, I’m mostly busy with your little miracle. Meanwhile you can catch up on some rest, social media, and when we take a little pause for a feeding or changing, we chitchat a little. We’ll also meet prior to your session (if we managed to fit it in your schedule), and agin after your session, for you to choose your images. The session itself can last a few hours, it all depends on your baby. It’s not a long interaction, but it’s a meaningful one at a very emotional time of your life. I feel honored each time to somehow be one of the few that get to meet your baby so early in life, even though we were strangers before. I will be holding and touching, “molding” your baby into all these different adorable poses. I thank all my clients for giving me such trust, and the connection we make in such a short time. This family’s story touched my heart deeply. The sibling pictures are so special. These boys were so grateful and sweet to their little sister, I am so lucky to witness such love and tender moments in my job!



side laying

close up


little bed

boho stylin

pink peonies

the pose

the pose close up

big bro

little bro


big bro sitting

Hayden spotted this little pilot hat hanging with all my bonnets and he was so excited to trade it for the flower crown Channing was wearing. His excitement was contagious! He smiled so big! We’re thinking that having this picture in his room might incite him to become a pilot one day.


bucket and siblings

mug shot

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