Mia, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Mia, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • How lucky is this family? 3 sibling couples had a baby girl each just a few days apart, and all live in the same area! They will grow up together and get to be best friends! Living so far from my family, this is THE dream situation for me. Little miss Mia was so much fun to photograph, I loved the set ups & outfits her mom chose. We actually got very lucky: after a facetime consultation call, I ordered a new frilly romper thinking it would be ideal for this session and the floral set up Kim [...]
Journey, Pensacola Newborn photographer
  • Journey, Pensacola Newborn photographer

  • When it takes over 7 years to have your prayers answered and you finally welcome a new baby in your family, you can say it's been a long Journey! Meet sweet Journey, her name already tells a little of her story. Her brother wanted a sibling so bad and he put all his heart into his prayers. He was so patient during the photo shoot, but would walk often to us and check on his little princess. He held her with the most care and love, and was just radiating happiness with this little bundle of j [...]
Evan, Pensacola Rainbow baby
  • Evan, Pensacola Rainbow baby

  • There are all kinds of storms and intensities, each one is a struggle and hard to endure. The desire to become a mom takes hold and can turn into an obsession, especially when it just isn't happening or when you can't make it to term. It is absolutely heart breaking and it seems like everywhere around women are walking with round bellies, everyone is expecting (even those who didn't plan it), birth announcements are coming in your mailbox, and social media is filled with baby pictures. My hea [...]
Anthony Gladdney III
  • Anthony Gladdney III

  • This family couldn't be any cuter! I'll say it again, this is the most gratifying job to witness such deep bonds, all the love between parents, their newborn... all the feels! I'm so lucky! And little AG was a sweet angel, making every pose seem so easy to get:) Honestly I can't pick a favorite, I'm genuinely curious which is your favorite? Comment to let me know!
Shepard, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Shepard, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • First blog post of 2021! I'm excited to share pictures of this beautiful family. With all the excitement to have a new baby, #3 right before Christmas, before a birthday celebration, recovering from a c-section... it wasn't until Shepard was nearly 6 weeks old by the time his parents contacted me to photograph him. I won't lie, this always makes me a little nervous: it is pretty much a given that an "older" baby will make the session much more challenging. But, I really feel everyone should [...]
AJ, Pensacola Rainbow baby
  • AJ, Pensacola Rainbow baby

  • Sherri first met me in her third trimester like most of my clients. She walked in with just the perfect little belly and a smile that illuminated her whole face. She radiated happiness with the promise of soon meeting her little AJ. She had that glow, even as she explained that AJ was a rainbow baby, that before him they experienced hardship. It was such a pleasure to soon after meet little AJ in my studio. He already owns his parents' heart:) [...]
Charlotte Grace
  • Charlotte Grace

  • Charlotte was born a little early, but we waited until things settled and she totally rocked her first modeling gig! Her parents preferred to wait to get family pictures, but I'm so glad we got some hand pictures. These are some of my favorite as they are so powerful to capture how little your babies are. We all know that your little angels start growing so fast and before you know it, they are sitting, crawling, walking (often skipping that phase to master the running stage!), and then you a [...]
Wilder, Pensacola Newborn photographer
  • Wilder, Pensacola Newborn photographer

  • "what happens if the baby will not cooperate during the session?" is one of the most common questions asked by my clients, and one that Wilder's parents worried about. I'm super patient, and can usually outlast any baby (so far so good and I've been photographing newborns since 2007), however, if all the patience in the world wouldn't work, I would reschedule. I've never been in a position where parents didn't like the pictures. What happens is that you will struggle to decide which picture y [...]
Chloe, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
Camden and Cooper, twins, Pensacola Newborn photographer
  • Camden and Cooper, twins, Pensacola Newborn photographer

  • 2 adorable little girls in their beautiful white dresses and big bows, 2 brand new baby boys with their perfectly organized parents walked into my studio, and I was in aw! Somehow twin moms are always the most organized, I think they need to be, and they learn real fast! You can already tell that the boys will have a little of their mother's dimples, they seriously make the cutest family!!!
VII, the new little Prince in Pensacola
  • VII, the new little Prince in Pensacola

  • 2 years ago in May, I met Melanie and Vic for their maternity session, they were expecting Melania. Then I photographed their little princess in June 2018 and just 2 weeks ago, I had their son, V in my studio. I absolutely LOVE having return clients, being given the honor to be trusted once more to capture such precious times in their lives as the growth of their family. Mel and Vic... you must have more! You make the cutest babies!!! [...]
Charlotte, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Charlotte, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • I've missed photographing newborns this past month. I feel lucky that just before we, in America, became aware of Coronavirus and its risks, just before the country shut down, just before our quarantine was set into place, just before non essential business like photography had to be placed on hold, I got to photograph 3 babies in a week. I have stretched their editing longer than usual, perhaps, to make it last through the quarantine? Charlotte was quite a gem to photograph, finally a little [...]