It’s an honor every time I get to photograph a little client, but I was extremely flattered when Legacy’s parents told me they were driving over 2 hours to come to my studio because they wanted my style of images for their daughter. And she was the perfect model, going into every pose like a champ. Her mom had been very proactive and thinking ahead, had bought some props to create the spa picture. Unfortunately, the shipping took a little longer than expected and she was ready to give up on that image. I was too excited to let it go, so the night before her session, I pulled out my sewing machine and made the little robe. I already had the rollers, hair dryer and chair in my prop arsenal. It was a fun surprise and we had the best laugh setting up the shot. I much prefer knowing ahead of time my client’s expectations, it allows me to customize their session, like in this instance.





Side cuddle


bucket and chair




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