Gavin, Pensacola newborn photographer

3 years ago I photographed Gavin’s older sister, “Adria”. Her parents had the most fascinating story. Ashley’s life has changed quite a bit since I last saw her, and her story remains unique and beautiful. Things don’t always go as planned, we can’t always control everything. However, choosing a path, a way of life is something Ashley has done and she’s building a loving family for her children. It is always so much fun to see some of the newborns I’ve photographed as older siblings. Adria was such a gentle sister, but she totally stole my heart when she asked permission to go meet “my sister”… she was referring to my 20 year old daughter she had seen walking in… Sweetest girl!
Gavin’s parents are big Star wars fan, like serious about it. Tyler even had this amazing cool saber, we had to get a picture of Gavin with it. I also managed very last minute to get this special galaxy backdrop which worked great for the baby Yoda image. A great big thanks to the “Hello Little props” team for shipping it to me in record time!

baby yoda

light saber

baby in a froggy position on a sky backdrop

smiley baby all curled up

cute baby in a wrap

cute baby on his side

baby on stars

sweet baby on a moon

smiling baby in a bed

baby in a chair happy


baby cupped on dad's hands

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