Charlotte Grace

Charlotte was born a little early, but we waited until things settled and she totally rocked her first modeling gig!
Her parents preferred to wait to get family pictures, but I’m so glad we got some hand pictures. These are some of my favorite as they are so powerful to capture how little your babies are. We all know that your little angels start growing so fast and before you know it, they are sitting, crawling, walking (often skipping that phase to master the running stage!), and then you are looking up into their face! Having these memories when they just fitted so perfectly into your hands will soon be one of your favorite images… I promise.

Potato sac

bear bonnet upclose

bear bonnet the pose


sleepy hat

tucked in bed


egg wrap

wrapped toes showing

boho bed

viney bowl

bread bowl

little bed

the lick

dog interested

loving siblings

best friends


mom's hands

da'd's hands

Proud grand parents, you know these 2 will be super involved and committed:)

grand parents

Feeling the Christmas season yet? Seems to me that 2020 has brought the Christmas spirit into our hearts much sooner than usual


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