Evan, Pensacola Rainbow baby

There are all kinds of storms and intensities, each one is a struggle and hard to endure. The desire to become a mom takes hold and can turn into an obsession, especially when it just isn’t happening or when you can’t make it to term. It is absolutely heart breaking and it seems like everywhere around women are walking with round bellies, everyone is expecting (even those who didn’t plan it), birth announcements are coming in your mailbox, and social media is filled with baby pictures. My heart goes out to you, keep faith and hope, I wish for the wait to finally be over and for you to have that lovely rainbow.
I often hear of long hard journeys. I am so grateful to witness the happy endings, and to photograph this very special time. Mary, I loved meeting your family and am so happy for you all!

egg wrap


the pose



marocan bed


the pod


sibling bucket


with dad


with mom


mug shot

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