Mia, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

How lucky is this family? 3 sibling couples had a baby girl each just a few days apart, and all live in the same area! They will grow up together and get to be best friends! Living so far from my family, this is THE dream situation for me. Little miss Mia was so much fun to photograph, I loved the set ups & outfits her mom chose. We actually got very lucky: after a facetime consultation call, I ordered a new frilly romper thinking it would be ideal for this session and the floral set up Kimberly had selected. The peach lace romper arrived in the middle of the session and worked perfectly just as planned. At the end of the session, Mia’s twin brothers came for a few pictures. They were so cooperative and handled their portion of the shoot like champs!


froggy princess

Mia’s dad had the sweetest comment when he saw this picture and insisted on purchasing it because “her big bright eyes are beautiful, just like her mom’s”

eyes opened

bum up

egg wrap

side laying

fairy tale



in dad's hands

twin brothers


brother love

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