Shepard, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

First blog post of 2021! I’m excited to share pictures of this beautiful family. With all the excitement to have a new baby, #3 right before Christmas, before a birthday celebration, recovering from a c-section… it wasn’t until Shepard was nearly 6 weeks old by the time his parents contacted me to photograph him. I won’t lie, this always makes me a little nervous: it is pretty much a given that an “older” baby will make the session much more challenging. But, I really feel everyone should get images of their newborn, and it’s always worth a try. I try to set expectations not too high and then I do my best. Because, ideally, in the newborn photography industry, we prefer babies to be in front of our camera within 2 weeks of their due date. There are a few other elements involved, like the weight at birth, and notice how I point out the “due date” not the actual birth date. All this to say: if you are considering a newborn session, please contact your photographer (I hope me) while you are still pregnant, however, if life happened and you think about it later, don’t give up, still get in touch with your photographer.
Shepard was a total champion and managed most poses, even though he didn’t sleep as much as my younger little clients, it worked out great! And his sisters!!! Seriously the sweetest girls ever. Sibling pictures are always the cutest, but the behind the scenes is sometimes a bit of a trial, not with these 2! They simply melted my heart!


blue ribbon

Potato sack


moon & clouds

bum up

the pose

chair pod

siblings with bucket

siblings on bed

siblings on flokati

with mom

with dad

mug shot 2

Mug shot 1


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