Channing, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Channing, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • You walk in for your newborn session one morning barely 2 weeks after you've delivered, I'm mostly busy with your little miracle. Meanwhile you can catch up on some rest, social media, and when we take a little pause for a feeding or changing, we chitchat a little. We'll also meet prior to your session (if we managed to fit it in your schedule), and agin after your session, for you to choose your images. The session itself can last a few hours, it all depends on your baby. It's not a long in [...]
Hallow, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Hallow, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • A little over 2 years ago I photographed "Zinnamon", Hallow's big bro, as he was just a newborn. I was excited then to meet Mallory, after talking about her with her sweet mom. This time, I was really looking forward to their session, to have a nice visit and some time to catch up. It's pretty cool having repeat clients, getting to see families grow. I photographed Hallow just as she was turning 2 weeks. I know some parents worry about the "right time" to photograph their baby. I make my d [...]
  • Mental Health Awareness

  • She's beautiful, kind, smart, strong, funny, brave,... so many things and also bipolar. She's my daughter, Magalie. May is the month of Mental Health Awareness. I thought I was educated and aware, I humbly realize now I was ignorant. Last year, mental health came with a force into our home. We watched our daughter crash from the hight of a frightening manic episode into the depth of depression, and rise from it all with grace, humor and wisdom. Magalie started documenting her life from the [...]
Karsyn, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Juliette

  • A little over 2 years ago I photographed Ashley and Jeremy's first child, "Sunny", she was a rainbow baby. It took more than 6 years and lots of treatments for Ashley to have Sunny. Last year, Covid brought so many changes into our lives, Ashley and Jeremy decided it was time to commit to become foster parents. Something they had planned to do eventually. They welcomed an other child in their home. Barely a month later, they find out Ashley is pregnant, and here comes Juliette, on her own! [...]
Gavin, Pensacola newborn photographer
  • Gavin, Pensacola newborn photographer

  • 3 years ago I photographed Gavin's older sister, "Adria". Her parents had the most fascinating story. Ashley's life has changed quite a bit since I last saw her, and her story remains unique and beautiful. Things don't always go as planned, we can't always control everything. However, choosing a path, a way of life is something Ashley has done and she's building a loving family for her children. It is always so much fun to see some of the newborns I've photographed as older siblings. Adria [...]
  • Legacy

  • It's an honor every time I get to photograph a little client, but I was extremely flattered when Legacy's parents told me they were driving over 2 hours to come to my studio because they wanted my style of images for their daughter. And she was the perfect model, going into every pose like a champ. Her mom had been very proactive and thinking ahead, had bought some props to create the spa picture. Unfortunately, the shipping took a little longer than expected and she was ready to give up on t [...]
Lucas, Pensacola newborn photographer
  • Lucas, Pensacola newborn photographer

  • World, meet sweet little Lucas! He did a fantastic job on her first modeling gig. I often have parents take a little nap during the photoshoot, things are generally slow moving, it's nice and warm, with the gentle soothing sound of the baby shusher... a nice relaxing environment. Lucas' mom caught a little zzzz and it was a nice surprise for her to see some of the poses for the first time on my computer post session. It's a lovely compliment when parents fall asleep in my studio, it certainl [...]
Mia, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Mia, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • How lucky is this family? 3 sibling couples had a baby girl each just a few days apart, and all live in the same area! They will grow up together and get to be best friends! Living so far from my family, this is THE dream situation for me. Little miss Mia was so much fun to photograph, I loved the set ups & outfits her mom chose. We actually got very lucky: after a facetime consultation call, I ordered a new frilly romper thinking it would be ideal for this session and the floral set up Kim [...]
Journey, Pensacola Newborn photographer
  • Journey, Pensacola Newborn photographer

  • When it takes over 7 years to have your prayers answered and you finally welcome a new baby in your family, you can say it's been a long Journey! Meet sweet Journey, her name already tells a little of her story. Her brother wanted a sibling so bad and he put all his heart into his prayers. He was so patient during the photo shoot, but would walk often to us and check on his little princess. He held her with the most care and love, and was just radiating happiness with this little bundle of j [...]
Evan, Pensacola Rainbow baby
  • Evan, Pensacola Rainbow baby

  • There are all kinds of storms and intensities, each one is a struggle and hard to endure. The desire to become a mom takes hold and can turn into an obsession, especially when it just isn't happening or when you can't make it to term. It is absolutely heart breaking and it seems like everywhere around women are walking with round bellies, everyone is expecting (even those who didn't plan it), birth announcements are coming in your mailbox, and social media is filled with baby pictures. My hea [...]
Anthony Gladdney III
  • Anthony Gladdney III

  • This family couldn't be any cuter! I'll say it again, this is the most gratifying job to witness such deep bonds, all the love between parents, their newborn... all the feels! I'm so lucky! And little AG was a sweet angel, making every pose seem so easy to get:) Honestly I can't pick a favorite, I'm genuinely curious which is your favorite? Comment to let me know!