Eli, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

You know when you meet someone and they leave you feeling happy, just because they have such a beautiful energy? This whole family is like that: the mom, Rebecca, the dad, Michael, the daughter, Yael, & sweet little Eli! I also met one set of grandparents and same delightful vibe! And I absolutely LOVE Rebecca’s cousin, Donna!

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You’ll notice one of the images hints that Eli is a rainbow baby. The journey to become parents was a difficult one for this family. It took them 3 years to welcome Yael, and again the tough road of fertility drugs, IVF, and an awful dangerous miscarriage to finally be told they only had one slight last chance of a viable egg… and here is super healthy Eli, a true miracle baby!
My heart goes out to all the families dealing with infertility, the roller coaster of emotions, the hopes and deceptions, it is such an awful struggle. I hope in the end you will have a beautiful rainbow to love.

rainbow baby


little bear

side laying

tushy pose

egg wrap

the pose

baby bed


mom and baby

dad and baby


baby in a bucket



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