Pia, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

As Pia turned 3 weeks, Christine and I did her newborn session in my studio. Her mom, “PV Cobia” is a very talented local wedding photographer, who also travels for destination weddings and produces the most beautiful imagery! Take a minute to check her blog and social media, you’re sure to enjoy those dreamy weddings and locations.
Little Pia settled beautifully into all the sweet little newborn poses and at the end of the session, her big bro, Jack came with his dad. Pevee had warned me about a mustache her husband had drawn onto Jack’s face the previous night during bath time… I was torn to photoshop the little remnants of that marker off (what kind of bath markers do you guys use? These were super strong for washable stuff!) because they told such a sweet story. But I did leave the blue green play-dough under Jack’s nail from that morning of fun activities with Caleb, the super cool dad:)
I loved meeting you guys!




egg wrap


the pose

bum up

toes peaking



mom and baby

family pic

family portrait

dad and baby

siblings and a bucket

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