Luke, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

Luke’s mother is known by many women in the area for helping them becoming moms. She is an amazing OBGYN, and on the day of Luke’s delivery, she had already delivered an other baby and worked on a C-section… super hero!!! I’m not sure how she manages to keep on doing her demanding job and be such a wonderful mother at the same time, but she makes it look effortless. Leslie came in my studio for a consultation before Luke was born, so she could choose the props we would use for his session. This short visit is super helpful in customizing my clients’ sessions, it also allows new parents to meet me and see my studio, have questions answered, set their expectations, all important things to ensure a smooth session the day of the shoot. We also used 3 “digital backgrounds” that Leslie had selected, can you tell which ones they are?
On a separate day, we had Todd and Emily come for the sibling and family pictures. I have found that splitting it in 2 days sometimes can relieve a lot of pressure on everyone, especially when toddlers are involved. So if you are considering a newborn session and would like some family pictures with your other children, don’t worry, we can make it manageable for everyone and avoid situations testing toddlers’ patience.

Good night moon

basket and palms


side curl

side laying close up

Little Bear

newborn bed

pod chair

bum up

egg wrap

the pose

swing from the tree

natural nest



with dad

in mom hands

big sister



parent hands B& W

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