Khalil, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

Photographed at 2 1/2 weeks new, Khalil started his session wide awake and a bit hungry. After a big bottle, he settled in and we were able to go through our whole mini session workflow and get a few extra poses like held in his parents arms. I love those images with parts of our adult bodies, they really emphasize how small newborns are, and by the looks of his parents, I would guess little Khalil is going to grow very tall! Won’t it be nice for his family to have that one image when he used to fit in their hands? You watch! In no time he will be a full size grown man. I speak from experience… I cannot understand how it all went by so fast!



taco, womb pose

side curl

in parents hands

the pose

bum up

egg wrap

side layingh

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