Alana, Pensacola newborn Photographer

“The delivery? It was interesting” she said. And then she gives us the time line of Alana’s birth and I collect my jaw from the floor.
Travisha has a high tolerance for pain and was told by her OBGYN that she wasn’t the slightest dilated at her 38 weeks visit. They even made plans to have her induced around 41 weeks. Her husband, who is training in Maryland, scheduled his visit around the expected birth date. So a couple days later when she started feeling some contractions she went about her day. She called her doctor to see if she should go to the hospital, but since her contractions were still spaced out, the doctor advised to stay home until either she lost her mucus plug, her water broke or the contractions were 5 minutes apart. Travisha called her husband around midnight and things started to move pretty quick from there. She lost the plug, the water broke and she realized she was going to have her baby home alone. Good thing she had been curious and watched some youtube videos on home birth… She did the whole thing alone. Ricardo, her husband said it was one emotional phone call for him: feeling helpless while listening to his wife give birth, to finally hear his daughter cry. I’m just in awe!

potato sack


the pod chair

heart bowl

digital nest

heart digital



the pose

side curl


side laying

bum up

egg wrap


with dad



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