Newborn Twin boys, Pensacola Photographer

What a fun session this was! We don’t photograph twins as often as “single” babies, but each time I notice how organize the parents are. My secret wish is to be better organized and prepared… every once in a while I catch myself thinking that perhaps if I had had twins, I, too would have had to become a super organized mom. I really believe it’s a skill you must develop in a pinch or life becomes really tricky with a double bundle at once. However, I think Elizabeth was made for the challenge, it really appears like she slid into motherhood with remarkable ease!
Look how adorable these 2 are. The doctors said they are identical twins. I worried I would have them confused, but quickly was able to tell them apart.

In this first picture, Thomas is on the left and Marshall on the right. Can you recognize each in the next images?
double potato

little baby crib


double froggy

train tracks


bum up

twin swing

waiting for Santa

the pose

family picture

in hands

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