Joey, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Joey, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • Welcome to the world sweet little Joey, and look at his adorable little sister! She wasn't too comfortable having her picture taken, but thanks to photoshop, it was easy to get this nice sibling image as a "composite": I photographed her alone next to the empty bucket, and later on photographed Joey inside the bucket. Combining, merging the pictures into photoshop later makes these tricky situation a breeze!
  • Stewart, Washington High Class of 2018

  • I always try to get a feel for what my clients like, so that their session will fit their personality. Generally the parents will give me clues. Stewart's mom gave me the best description to date in just one simple sentence: "I call him my preppy redneck surfer". I must admit I had to do a little research because when she mentioned mudding and mud holes, I had no idea what we were discussing, but I really enjoyed photographing Stewart in one of his favorite mud holes with his truck. I love t [...]
  • Blake, Gulf Breeze class of 2018

  • And just after I announced I wasn't photographing seniors, I will be posting 5 more seniors from this 2018 class. I had some prior engagements to this notice, and will continue to service past clients if they request it, but I would rather dedicate my time to maternity and newborn photography and do not plan on taking on new senior clients. However, getting to meet and photograph a fine young man like Blake almost made me want to reconsider this decision! It was such a pleasure to spend an af [...]
Mia, little ballerina, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Mia, little ballerina, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • It was a pleasure to meet this very charismatic couple-turned-family. When Michelle walks into a room, she fills it with her grace and laughter, I can only imagine what a wonderful dancing teacher she must be! Michael is the ballet director at "LaBelle performing Art Studio", after 15 years of a very impressive performing career. In this context, I had to have an image of Mia in a tutu, and I commissioned my friend "Ans" to make a sweet knitted newborn version of a ballet tutu. It came out b [...]
Aidan, joining the Pensacola Law & Order Team
  • Aidan, joining the Pensacola Law & Order Team

  • Meet adorable little Aidan, nicknamed "Perfect", because he simply is just that... Perfect! His mama is one of the most fit woman I have ever met, I watch her lift 45lbs dumbbells when I struggle with the 20lbs ones, and she was running a half marathon while 8 months pregnant!...#goals When your daddy is a Police officer,
Spread kindness
  • Spread kindness

  • When I think of my friends the Schneiders, I am reminded of the movie Wonder, and the movement #choosekind it triggered. Erika steps into my photography life with the most unique timing, always inspiring me and giving me hope when my tank is low. The first time she uplifted me was when she received Cosette. That day coincided with a awful terrorist attack in France and the beautiful display of love was the heartwarming I needed. The second time was 8 months ago. I couldn't share until the a [...]
Benjamin and Wiley, Pensacola twin newborn photographer
Emma Rhys, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Emma Rhys, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • Often I get comments that it must be the most fun job to handle newborns, absolutely! I love it and it's also such a special time in a couple's life, this new transition to becoming a parent, this insane flow of love you feel for this tiny being, a special kind of love we've never experienced before until we suddenly have this tiny new person. I get to witness it while it is still such a novelty and along with cuddling with a newborn, it really is quite magical, I am very fortunate! I do love [...]
Adeline, Pensacola Newborn Photographer