Mental Health Awareness

She’s beautiful, kind, smart, strong, funny, brave,… so many things and also bipolar. She’s my daughter, Magalie.
May is the month of Mental Health Awareness. I thought I was educated and aware, I humbly realize now I was ignorant.
Last year, mental health came with a force into our home.
We watched our daughter crash from the hight of a frightening manic episode into the depth of depression, and rise from it all with grace, humor and wisdom.
Magalie started documenting her life from the moment she could hold a pen. First with remarkable insightful drawings. Then, as soon as she learned to spell, her pictures came with a tale. She’s a prodigious story teller, using her many skills in various media, she knows how to expose, present and reach her audience.
Perhaps through her latest film you will get a glimpse of her new challenges in life, and appreciate her experience with mental illness.
She has taught us so much this past year in this field. She is so courageous and brave to be so opened about it. We are so proud of her, she has made us much more aware, we still have much to learn, we are by her side always and share her story with you, with much compassion for all those who struggle.


  1. by Laura B on May 27, 2021  10:47 am Reply

    Brave and beautiful, dear girl and family. The road is not always easy. Thank you for sharing so others can learn.

    • by Arielle on May 29, 2021  2:17 pm Reply

      definitely not easy but at least better armed for the future now that she has a diagnosis.

  2. by Molly on May 27, 2021  2:38 pm Reply

    What an insightful video. I love your conclusion of Health First... mental health is so misunderstood. There should not be judgment or stigma associated in any way. Any medical issue should be diagnosed and treated.
    I was impressed with the video and applaud your bravery. Well done.

    • by Arielle on May 29, 2021  2:16 pm Reply

      Thank you! I am very happy too that Meg realizes how important her wellbeing is. Looking back we realize she must have been dealing with this for a while and the diagnosis was almost a relief, explaining so much of her internal struggles.

  3. by Lisa Gupta on May 27, 2021  2:39 pm Reply are so beautiful and brave. I am in awe of your honesty, showing us all the plight of mental illness and the courage needed to embrace it on the road to recovery. I feel so fortunate that our paths ever so briefly crossed in the past so that I can celebrate who you are today. ❤️

    • by Arielle on May 29, 2021  2:14 pm Reply

      Thank you Lisa, I'm sharing with her the many messages her video has generated. We are both feeling a warm embrace form so many, it's a very unexpected response.

  4. by Pamela Nichols on May 27, 2021  3:09 pm Reply


    What a beautiful, brave, highly intelligent young woman you have raised! I admire you both for sharing Magalie's story at any time, regardless of Mental Health Awareness Month. Much love to you and your entire family!

    • by Arielle on May 29, 2021  2:12 pm Reply

      Thank you, she made the video and thought of sharing it mainly to explain to her friends why she had miss this year of college. I am glad she is talking about it:)

  5. by Marcy on May 27, 2021  6:42 pm Reply

    Beautiful and brave young !

    • by Arielle on May 29, 2021  2:11 pm Reply

      Thank you so much!

  6. by Mariela Duval on May 27, 2021  7:33 pm Reply

    Wow! I just want to give you a hug! She seems like an amazing, talented girl and so thankful that she had the strength to share her story.

    • by Arielle on May 29, 2021  2:10 pm Reply

      Thank you! The diagnosis explains so much, the early symptoms had me baffled, I just couldn't understand what was happening. I miss seeing you!

  7. by Candace Owen-Heaton ( McIver) on May 27, 2021  10:40 pm Reply

    Hi Megalie.. I know your Mom and brother Will, he and my Son Nic, went to EDS together and were buddies growing up. I remember when you were and my middle daughter came at about the same surely does move by so very quickly. I want you to know how amazing you are.. I had no idea you were struggling with Bipolar Disorder. I watched your video with my youngest daughter Mallory, she’s 16. You did such a beautiful job sharing your life and you.. I have been a Registered Nurse for 35 years and have taken care of young adults and teens struggling with many forms of mental illness. I applaud you, I admire you..I know your beautiful family and how very much you are loved . Your Mom is truly one of the most kind and loving people I have ever known. Be strong and stay true to who you are..thank you for giving us a glimpse of your triumphs and tragedies..I will keep you close to heart and think of you as you continue to grow and do great things in this world, for this world is certainly a much better and happier place with you in and hugs, Candi❤️

    • by Arielle on May 29, 2021  2:09 pm Reply

      Candi, thank you so much for this loving message. I will relay to Meg, we are both overwhelmed with the kind feedback her video has generated.

  8. by Ann Loehr on May 28, 2021  6:13 pm Reply

    I am speechless and in awe of how brave and beautiful your daughter and this video is. Thank you for sharing. So many people and families suffer with Mental Health issues and it is vital for all of us to be better educated and more compassionate. Sending big hugs to your lovely daughter. I know you are a very proud Mama.

    • by Arielle on May 29, 2021  2:07 pm Reply

      Thank you! I've learned a lot and realize how many people are struggling and how so many just don't realize or understand. I feel it would be so much better if we could be better informed.

  9. by Susan Jacobs on May 29, 2021  11:16 am Reply

    Thank you for sharing your powerful story! You will be a help to many.

    • by Arielle on May 29, 2021  2:05 pm Reply

      Thank you, I hope it does help others

  10. by Shannon Gottstine on May 29, 2021  11:18 am Reply

    Thank you for your candid vulnerability. You are brave and you are strong. I admire you so much! My father was bipolar. I wish there had been more awareness for him.
    Stay healthy!

    • by Arielle on May 29, 2021  2:04 pm Reply

      Thank you so much! I'm sure it was difficult!

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