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Octavia, Pensacola area Newborn Photographer
  • Octavia, Pensacola area Newborn Photographer

  • Because of my Photography niche, newborn photography, I rarely have repeat clients. I also offer studio fine art Maternity portraits and photograph little babes when they can sit on their owns (generally 6-7 months old), but unlike family photography, & children photographers, I rarely see my clients again, newborns are quite unique in a family! This beautiful family is one of my rare repeat clients as I photographed Elliot several years ago when he was born, and boy did he grow up! Thank you [...]
Karsynn, Pensacola Area Newborn Photographer
  • Karsynn, Pensacola Area Newborn Photographer

  • Karsynn's grand mother booked her session long in advance and all the way from Oklahoma! And I'm so glad I got to meet this lovely family and photograph this sweet squishy bundle of joy! They came with a family heirloom, the little wooden crate was made by Karsynn's great grand father and the blanket a gift from her great grand mother. I love it when my clients bring special heirloom items to use in their session, it makes for treasured memories. [...]
Smith, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
Max & Dax, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Max & Dax, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • I always offer to my clients a payment plan and I leave the scheduling of the deposits (and their amounts) up to them. Lauryn and Ryan are the first client who came to see me early in the pregnancy and made gradual payments so that by the time I photographed their babies they were all done purchasing the collection they wanted. I have no doubt they will handle raising twins like pros! Their organization skills and team work are very impressive. I might secretly be a little envious:) Max and [...]
Leo, Pensacola Newborn Photographer
  • Leo, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • Originally I was set to photograph little Leo in August. He was due while I was visiting my family in France, but he had other plans, and decided to surprise everyone by arriving a month early... in June! I was able to photograph him shortly before my trip and am so happy that it worked out. Sebastian, his big brother was so sweet with him!
Weston, Pensacola  Newborn Photographer
  • Weston, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

  • I love repeat clients and literally watching families grows as their welcome a new member. Nearly 2 years ago, I photographed Grayton, and look at him now being the big Bro! We really tried to get Grayton interested in joining in the hand picture... in fact I took a quick behind the scene picture with my iphone, and might have to share it too. A toddler in the mix of a newborn session does spice things up. I still haven't come up with a comfortable way to get this hand image, and poor Bambi [...]
Shay, Florida Panhandle Newborn Photographer
  • Shay, Florida Panhandle Newborn Photographer

  • Just 8 days new, meet sweet little Shay. I am most grateful to her aunt, Amber, for having contacted me and hired me to photograph this little angel. I met Amber at "Pensacola State College", we were both students this past fall in a photography class. Let me brag a little about our local community college and its Visual Art Department. To date, I have taken about a dozen classes in that funny shape building at the corner of 9th Avenue and Airport Boulevard. Each instructor has been outstan [...]
Ivy Simone, Pensacola newborn photographer
  • Ivy Simone, Pensacola newborn photographer

  • As my middle child is gearing up to go to college this summer, I am reminded how quickly it all went. Back when our son Will went to Montessori school for a couple years, we had a parent gathering and were asked what had we learned so far in our role as parents. I was always in a hurry and I listened as one dad said :"to stop and smell the roses"... I did an internal huge eye roll! How corny I thought, of course we all know to appreciate the good moments. But I should have paid more heed, I s [...]
  • Magalie

  • Every time I post on my blog, I struggle with writing the text. This time the challenge may be to keep it short. You see, this beautiful girl is mine. Thinking of her, looking at her floods me with emotions, pride and so so much love. She has been sitting in my heart, so comfortable, enlarging it and taking so much space in there. It has me worried that this summer when she heads off to college, her physical departure will deflate that pumped up heart of mine in a very painful way. I know [...]
Everly Mae
  • Everly Mae

  • Meet sweet Everly Mae. Her older sister, Jolie, already has the experience of having a younger sibling and has the instincts of a little mama. Annaleigh was not so interested in being part of the shoot but oh soooo cute!!!
  • Anna Lowrey, class of 2019

  • Really not long ago, I was pregnant with Meg. Jill was also pregnant with Anna Lowrey. We then saw each other almost every Sunday at Christ church, and every weekday, at school dropping our kids off. I have known Anna Lowrey since she was a newborn. She has grown into a fun, beautiful young lady full of spunk. It seems it happened overnight! There is so much yet ahead of you. I will continue to enjoy watching this batch of seniors evolving through life. [...]
Victor, Pensacola area newborn photographer
  • Victor, Pensacola area newborn photographer

  • When I first came to Pensacola, I signed up to join the Needlepoint guild, and every Mondays I met the sweetest ladies in the upstairs of a framing shop to learn the art of needlepointing with its so many stitches. Later, when I became a mother, I discovered the Heirloom shop and spent so much time with Mary Dickson who taught me so much in the art of sewing and hand embroidery. Lately I have been hanging out at "Dixie Knit". This fabulous knitting shop in downtown Pensacola has been opened n [...]