James & Sophie, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

I must admit I was slightly nervous to photograph these 2 beautiful twins… They were born a little early and Sophie was 5.4 lbs, so I decided to give them a little time to grow some before I photographed them. Typically we have a short window of time to capture the tininess of a newborn, but life got in the way and by the time I had them in my studio, James had blossom from a 7.4 premi to a healthy 12.8 lbs boy! And that was a fun challenge! Never knowing how a shoot will go with one, much less two babies, always keeps me on my toes. But these two angels made my job effortless! It was a joy to photograph James and Sophie. Like all twins, they have that special magic of soothing each other.



moon & heart

froggy boy

girl froggy


Prayer boy

prayer girl

the pose

up close

holding fingers

in parents hands

mugshot 1

mugshot 2

mugshot 3

mugshot 4

mugshot 5

mugshot 6

mugshot 7

mugshot 8

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