Family life

My-love_imageIt’s been over 18 blessed years since that special day when we were married. It all started in 1994, I came to Pensacola for a summer rotation to work with a local endocrinologist. One of my favorite uncles lives in Gulf Breeze and wanted to introduce me to Henry. It was “love at first sight.” He proposed after our first kiss!
At the end of the summer, I returned to France to finish school. That Christmas, in Paris, in front of my whole family, Henry formally proposed. The next July, we were married in a beautiful castle, and I moved to Pensacola to finally live with my love in October 1995.
Although I had never wished to leave France, once I met Henry, I would have followed him to the end of earth. Pensacola has been a wonderful new home to me, and I am extremely fortunate to return to my dear Provence every year. I enjoy taking Henry and my children to France often and it’s so important to me that my children practice their French and grow to know their French heritage.
We have 3 unique and amazing children: Will (16), Magalie (13) and Olivia (10). I could write a novel on each one of them! Essentially they are my pride, my most precious treasures, and own my heart. You’ll find out more about “my people” on my blog, under the personal category. Although I try to keep those posts to a minimum, sometimes I just have to share!

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