How I became a photographer


Light into images=photography
When I moved to the US and decided not to pursue my medical career, I was all too excited to let my “artistic” side free. Photography initially started with me taking photography courses and getting my own dark room. When Will was born, I stopped using all the chemicals in our small house with my baby. It wasn’t long before the digital world exploded, and I jumped in taking college courses in Photoshop and digital imagery manipulation and practiced my photography continuously.
In all things I set forth to do, I seek perfection. I set my goals very high, and as long as I see the option of making something better, I keep trying. I adore photography. Every detail is important to me: the composition, the lighting, the pose and the emotion the photograph gives as a whole. I am in my world when I’m shooting. A vision forms, and when it all falls into place, it’s that “Ah-ha moment.” When I’m processing in my digital darkroom (“my super Apple computer”), I get lost in time, focused on the image and all the modern tools of digital editing available. I can allow my creativity to run wild and can’t close out a photo until every detail is perfect in my eyes.
The photography industry, software’s, continue to progress at high speed. It’s all fascinating to me, and I welcome the opportunity to continue learning and regularly attend workshops with master photographers all over the world. It keeps me in tune with new technologies and allows me to interact with other photographers and learn new techniques.
I’ve tried different fields of photography (engagement, couples, weddings, family, children, pets, etc.). But over the years, I’ve narrowed down my focus to specialize in newborns and high school seniors. I love that a moment full of emotion can be bottled up in an image and beat the clock-that every time you look at that image you catch the emotion again, full blast, and can live that instant all over again. Although my attention to detail keeps me at a slower pace, it becomes my strength when photographing newborns. I am very patient, waiting for those moments to freeze them in time.
I am passionate about photography, and while I want my clients to receive the best customer care and service with my business, my truest priority is making the best image of you and your family. I am grateful for the wonderful families I have met through photography and I am honored when they refer me to their friends.

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