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earrings2In med school as I learned about the amazing human machine and its complex organs, I marveled at the miracle we are. I am very grateful for my healthy body, but mostly for my eyes and the ability to register through them the many beautiful sights of this world.
My hands are my soul’s vector, they are in constant motion, even when I speak (it’s the Latin in me). I can count on my big hands and big fingers to carry on small, delicate projects as well as more physical, arduous tasks. I mostly enjoy the challenge of intricate, detailed work and am determined not only to get it right, but perfect!
I am most happy using my hands: I love sewing – I thrived making clothing for my children when they were young and learning all the different heirloom hand embroidery techniques. Knitting small bonnets for my newborn session is so relaxing it’s almost like meditating. Another passion of mine has evolved into my latest business endeavor: jewelry making (Arielle de France). I doubt that I will ever tire discovering all the secrets of creating beautiful jewels. This past year, I have joined the vendors on the “Palafox Market” (most Saturdays) to sell some of my pieces, it has been so much fun, almost like a French market!
Cooking is another passion of mine. I have shelves of cookbooks, and they are like treasures to me. Lately I’ve been experimenting in baking, which makes my children verrry happy: various tartes (chocolate is always a winner!), macarons, and other pastries that remind me of home. Being French, food is of the utmost importance to me. I’m so relieved to have found more and more cheeses here lately! I was initially thrilled to have access to Nutella, but now I’m becoming a bit greedy and wish for specialty chocolates—so much so that I have even thought about going to school to learn the art of chocolate making….
Making makes me happy. I believe it all stemmed from my mother always telling me “you can make that!”
And then, I can’t think of a better treat than being curled up on the couch living a new adventure through a book.

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  1. by Anna Marie Kirkpatrick-Wilkey on April 7, 2016  4:34 pm Reply

    Arielle -- I've been searching for a long time for a photographer and when my old friend Dee Dee Rehm posted her son's pictures on facebook today, I wondered if we might be a good fit. I find myself drawn to you.

    Here's the good news -- our twin boys are not graduating, so we don't need you until your "rush" is over. We would actually like June pictures before the heat becomes too intense to photograph outside.

    We are a very unique family and would require someone who could capture that -- I gave birth to our 16-year old twin boys when I was 50 and my husband was 67 -- you do the math, when they turn 17 in the fall, I turn 67 and Steve 83. So let me say it more bluntly, we'd love a family picture that didn't look like we were their grandparents!

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