Zinnamon, Escambia newborn photographer

I met Zinnamon’s grand mother a few mom’s ago, in her UPS store, my favorite UPS store (they are so helpful and efficient in that location by Target on Bayou Blvd). I was sending away an album to be displayed in an exhibit in the Atlanta airport, and Sheryl told me about her daughter, Mallory expecting a little boy. Shortly after I met sweet little Zinnamon. Mallory even brought her scottie, Maggie Mae, who did remarkably well and was a fantastic model. I hope you enjoy these images, I feel like a broken record repeating I wish I had newborn images of my children. All 3 are now taller than I am, and yet I remember when they could fit in my hands, but have no images of that time… none.. and I’m the newborn photographer. I didn’t take that kind of images then, and I doubt I would have even thought of taking the time to schedule a photographer. Although I recall the moments with clarity, that period is a bit hazy and I used to think if I could find the time to shower in a day that was quite an exploit!

green wrap

smiling baby

Maggie Mae was awesome, but I used some photoshop magic to place Zinnamon on her back, we didn’t actually have him ridding her.



bucket pose

Hands mean so much to me, as much as looking into someone’s eyes, I always like to check their hands out. I love photographing hands and connections



This is very possibly my all time favorite image, can their be anything sweeter than Zinnamon held lovingly in his parent’s hands? Isn’t he so peaceful? Just at home.

in parents hands


bird's nest


little bear

in mom's arms

parent pse

in dad's arms


side pose



A little Christmas cheer,


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  1. by Julia on January 11, 2019  10:22 am Reply

    These are absolutely Beautiful!! You are a very talented photographer! Its definitely not an easy task to capture such purity.. I myself have three sons now and have been a product photographer since my late teens and can't even find the time lately. Do you do family portraits too?

    • by Arielle on January 15, 2019  7:39 pm Reply

      Hi Julia, Thank you for your kind words. I understand the challenge, I have 3 children too and I always felt like I needed more time and struggled to keep a nice balance in my life. I do not offer family portraits, only maternity and newborns.

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