Sunny Loa, Pensacola Photographer

Meet sweet Sunny. You could definitely say she is a miracle baby, when her parents tried for 6 years to start a family. She comes into the world like a ray of sunshine, and gets her name for all the joy she brings into her family. Her middle name, Loa, is Samoan (from the Samoa island in Oceania) for a tree producing a red dye, and most likely, this little girl will have a beautiful head of red hair, owning her name so perfectly! Ashley and Jeremy lived for a while in Samoa and were most impressed by their time there. They brought back a beautiful handmade bowl, made from the Loa tree and of course, we took a picture of Sunny nicely nestled in it. I love symbolism and for everything to have a special meaning, bringing their heirloom bowl made their session all the more personal.




wooden bowl

wide eyes

floral crown

Froggy pose

womb pose

rattan basket

baby chair

hanging basket

mom and baby

dad and baby

parent pose


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