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  • Jane

  • Jane is graduating and we had a little senior session. I love those, they're so much fun, a treat every girl should have, wonderful memories for parents... If you haven't yet, it's time to book one...I haven't blogged for a little while, Coco is keeping me busy (house training is not yet accomplished, we're trying hard, which means going out & play very often..), the kids are getting out of school (Yikes!), lots of really cool pictures to process (and will soon be on their way here)...Onto [...]
  • Jessie & Rachel

  • Here I go again posting too many pictures. I tried selecting only a few, but then I gave up, these sisters are just stunning beautiful. The session was a lot of fun, driving downtown, looking for "urban" decor, going through the clothes they had brought and tying it all together...Gotta run out the door, but I just wanted to have these up.
  • Prom night

  • Sometimes I wish I grew up in the US! ¬†Watching this group of friends all dressed up to go to their prom, I feel I missed out some..It was a beautiful evening, and the guests were pouring into Mallie's backyard, all looking amazing in their gowns and tux. The parents were like a group of paparazzi snapping their cameras at the happy couples. Finally after all the pictures were taken, the seniors were able to enjoy their delicious meal (catering from Skopelos), and I hear the dance was a blast. [...]
  • Stephanie

  • Again, I might be posting many pictures, but there was so much to choose from. And Stephanie is so beautiful, it makes the choice very difficult. We had a good time scouting downtown for our "urban session", it was mighty cold that day, and she was a trouper. I hope to get more highschool teens to photograph, they're always a lot of fun, come up with the coolest clothes, and are usually comfortable in front of a camera, it all makes for beautiful pictures. I was going to say: that the teen y [...]