Again, I might be posting many pictures, but there was so much to choose from. And Stephanie is so beautiful, it makes the choice very difficult. We had a good time scouting downtown for our “urban session”, it was mighty cold that day, and she was a trouper. I hope to get more highschool teens to photograph, they’re always a lot of fun, come up with the coolest clothes, and are usually comfortable in front of a camera, it all makes for beautiful pictures. I was going to say: that the teen years/ highscool is a very important time of our life, so it’s really crucial to recording it with pictures, but I pretty much feel that way about everyday of our lives… Ask my poor children, they probably think my camera is part of my body!
Still, there’s a lot going on during that precollege time, big changes, lots of growing, and then they’re off to college, so make sure you get plenty photos.

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  1. by Anna Hinesley on June 15, 2010  3:24 pm Reply

    Really awesome photos, Stephanie. Yours inspired me to get mine taken.

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