Yervant workshop in Venice

I am in Venice, learning with worldwide renown , Yervant from Australia. He is simply put a master photographer, a pioneer in digital wedding photography, setter of all the trends.
The location, the most romantic city ever, is unlike anyplace I’ve ever visited. It’s a photographer’s dream, not only the light is magical everywhere, but you are surrounded by perfect architecture, textures, colors… The models provided for us are gorgeous, wearing some amazing gowns from australians fashion designers. The weather couldn’t be better, I’m in photographer’s heaven! The group attending is fantastic, and Yervant with his wife Anie are wonderful hosts. Words can not describe how ecstatic I am. I feel truly blessed to have a husband so encouraging, allowing me to fallow my dream, he’s back home taking care of our children, and I’m pursuing my passion, always in quest of new inspiration and to better my skills.
A teaser picture, taken on her first day, set up by Yervant:

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