Winning=feels really good!

The announcement of the NAPCP image competition was finally released Friday, and I’ve been riding cloud 9th up on the 7th sky since then.
Back in July, as I was frantically busy getting ready for our summer trip to France, I received an email from the NAPCP regarding their annual international competition. The entry’s deadline was end of July, but I had only a day to pack and to decide which images to use. Too much to do, too little time for it all, but how would I ever experience the joy of winning if I never had the time to even submit some images into a competition? With the help of my facebook friends, I narrowed down my choices, and excitedly send off my files. I had big dreams, Frenchy here knows how to paint a colorful fantasy world! The results were expected end of September, and that last week, I must have checked 10 times a day the NAPCP website. They finally announced the competition had received an overwhelming response (somewhere, someone, mentioned over 10 thousand entries, I’m not sure if it was an exaggeration, or a good estimate). The judges needed more time and help, so by the end of October, the results would be announced. It must have been a huge and very difficult task to review all those images, score them, and critique each one of them. My hat goes off to the 3 judges: Tamara Lackey, Brandy Anderson and Sue Bryce for all their time and efforts.
Friday, after my workout, my shower and sending the kids to school, I settled with a cup of tea in front of my computer…drumroll…butterflies dancing wildly in my belly…the first place images in all 7 categories are up, and none belong to me, it’s ok, it was nice to try. It will be very informative to see what the judges had to say about my images. I check my email, see the NAPCP message with my scores, I feel good, those are all very good scores and I agree with the comments and critics. I check again the website to see if the 2nd and 3rd places are announced too, and to my delight 2 of my images have won a placement! Up up up I go, on my happy cloud. And today, I realize an other of my entries received a “merit” award… up goes my cloud still. I feel very good, and very honored to have received such recognition. It is with great pride that I will be able to display the award winning seal of NAPCP on my website from now on.
I urge you to visit the NAPCP website, your eyes will feast on the wide talent displayed through their image gallery and you will also find an amazing amount of fabulous information regarding children photography.
Here are my winning images and the judges comments:

Gorgeous image with beautiful lighting, processing and posing. Love the way the light dances on her face.

Nicely done

Love love this.


  1. by Amanda Neumann on November 1, 2011  6:50 am Reply

    Many Congratulations Arielle! I am forever in love with you and your work! You deserve every award imaginable. Watching you work with Skyler, myself and Chris was amazing. We can't wait to see the results!

  2. by gail starnes on November 3, 2011  5:07 pm Reply

    pics are beautiful!

  3. by Kim Bright on November 3, 2011  7:24 pm Reply

    These are some fabulous pictures!!!!!!

  4. by Evelyn on November 6, 2011  12:32 pm Reply

    YOU totally, 100% deserve this my friend!! These are were all of your submissions!! You are a STAR!

  5. by Jane on November 7, 2011  6:46 am Reply

    These pictures are fantastic! Truly some of the best I've seen! You are very blessed in many ways...a sleepy baby on picture day is just another blessing on the list! He is a beautiful baby!

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