Who would have thought?

That’s right! We’ve acquired a little mobile home, an airstream, 19 feet. Bambi, as we affectionately call it, or the silver bullet. I never, in a million years, would have envisioned our family camping in any way. I tried it once, when I was 20. I keep fond memories of that dreadful weekend in “Bretagne”, because I was with very special friends, but it rained the whole time, and although the place was charming, the tandem bike ride lovely, the constant cold wet weather was miserable. Henry also made it clear, very early on, he had no desire to camp. In fact he went as far as to suggest to postponed our wedding date if I was inclined to such travels… This odd fear came suddenly to him as we were staying at the Ritz in Atlanta (2 months after our engagement, 4 months before our wedding). The hotel, while a little extravagant, suited me just fine, and I very sincerely reassured him I would never drag him on backpacking trips around the world. Little did I know that 15 years later, Bambi would be parked in my driveway. It happened very fast, Henry started mentioning it a couple months ago in passing. Then 1 week ago, he offered a little detour to the grocery store (I should have known something was up, when he was so willing to accompany me to the grocery store!). A local RV dealer had this lonesome silver airstream on its lot. We made our offer that day, picked it up Saturday, and Henry was trailing it to Fort Pickens camping ground 1 hour later. That fast! I fallowed with the girls, once the soccer games, Bday parties were over, and after a quick run to the store to pick up a few essentials. We made it barely on time for a quick family picture before the sun was down.

Coco was with us, of course! She loved it. And also with us, sharing their first trailer camping trip, were our friends the Epstein gang. As you can see, they are traveling in a much more spacious home: the master bedroom has a queen size bed, and the girls’ bedroom has 4 bunk beds. It was very exciting, the kids were all thrilled. I am very thankful they were with us, they are much more experienced than we are, and were better prepared than we, novice.

I had hardly any food (milk, OJ, coffee, tea, croissants and nutella.. the bare necessities), I was counting on eating out, it’s a good thing Paul and Cherie had plenty to spare. They treated us to their delicious grilled hamburgers, roasting smores on the camp fire, and later a cool DVD for the kids on their surround sound HD TV before bed.

Happy faces in the morning!

Bambi’s specs, just so that you can understand our sleeping arrangements. We are a big family, but managed to all fit in. Henry and I on the not quite full size tear drop mattress, Meg and O on the pull out sofa (not quite a full size), and Will comfortably lying on a real twin blow up bed fitting perfectly between us. Coco couldn’t believe her luck, the tight quarters were heavenly to her, and she circled a few times trying to make up her mind which bed to sleep on, finally settling for the girls’.

The bushes were covered with monarch butterflies ready to take off to Mexico.

Cherie with Lily and Sawyer,

We all brought our bikes. The children loved exploring the compound with them. We also went on a mile run, in preparation for the Pensacola kids marathon.

Paul delighted everyone with true camping stories from his experience as a helicopter pilot during desert storm. Magalie kept asking for more “funny” stories, he is quite the story teller!

Thank you Paul and Cherie for making this weekend so much fun, I’m looking forward to our next chilling trip with our campers.


  1. by EVELYN on October 26, 2010  9:31 am Reply

    THIS is AWESOME!! Totally forgot to run by yesterday to see it but good LORDY this is so GREAT!!! EEEK! Your family is so stinkin' adorable. Ah, the photos that will come.....with the silver bullet! So glad you guys had a nice time on your first trip. And BAMBI seems quite fitting....for such a quaint little beauty.

    Lovely photographs, as usual!

  2. by roseDaydie on October 26, 2010  10:13 am Reply

    Vous etes tous manifique les langhorne♥♥♥!!!
    Meg tu as changer,mais sublime
    Olivia toujours aussi mignione
    Will un vrais mec LoL ;)
    J'aurais tellement aimer etre là!!!!!!!
    En tous cas manifique photos!!!!
    Voilà, Biiiigg Bisous!!!! A bientôt !!!!!!!!!!♥

  3. by Henry on October 26, 2010  10:37 am Reply

    Very nice, but you left the part out where I outmaneuvered you with the "no camping" promise and closed the deal with the wedding- it was one of the greatest flanking moves, if I do say so myself-
    great photos! Incredible talent! Your husband must be the greatest ever!

  4. by MTBoillot on October 26, 2010  10:53 am Reply

    Je pense que l'aventure etait merveilleuse, mais l'histoire ne dit pas si vous avez bien dormi......

  5. by Tinou on October 26, 2010  1:58 pm Reply

    Super photos, super famille.... je te félicite Arielle, tu est vraiment doué.
    Quel plaisir de voir que tu t'éclates ......Les bébés sont trop mimi....
    Je 't embrasse, ainsi que Guy, également très impressionné,

  6. by faye bowers on October 26, 2010  2:39 pm Reply

    Glad that you are back snapping pics. No one expresses photography as you do, Arielle. Way to go.

  7. by Flip Flops & Pearls on October 26, 2010  4:42 pm Reply

    OMGosh!!! This is just awesome! I'm Daphne:) A friend of Cherie's!! I am so glad you all both got a new travel goody this week. HOW AWESOME! My hubby wants a airstream sooooo bad.They are all so cool. What great family fun:) I love all your images, beautiful:)

  8. by Barclay Mutz on October 26, 2010  10:41 pm Reply

    Arielle and family! What fun it was to see ya'll having such wonderful family TOGETHERNESS! Great pics, looks like ya'll have made a wonderful investment in lots of good times to come.... Bon Temps en Bambi!!!!

  9. by annelise et LA on October 27, 2010  12:40 am Reply

    magnifique bambi pour une super sympatique famille. D'ailleurs il y a bien longtemps JM avait évoqué l'idée de traverser les states dans un camping car pendant ses vacances ou plutôt au moment où il prendrait sa retraite. J'ignore si il est toujours partant.
    On vous souhaite plein de bonnes virées avec bambi, grosses bises
    annelise et louis alphonse

  10. by annelise et LA on October 27, 2010  5:55 am Reply

    magnifique Bambi pour une super langhorn dream tream
    pas grand chose dans le garde manger
    mais par chance pour pas une centime
    the Epstein gang est arrivé

    des amis adorables avec des enfants trop sympas
    qui ont joué avec will, magalie, et olivia
    ils ont fait des promenades en vélo
    et qui courrait derrière? c'était coco

    elle avait bien dormi
    entre olivia et magalie
    et aurait bien aimé aussi passer la nuit
    avec will arielle et henry

    Bon, ce fut une belle virée
    tout le monde fut enchanté
    y a plus qu'a recommencer
    dans les plus brefs délais

    PS Il y a qq années JM (papa boillot) avait évoqué l'idée de partir en camping car à travers les états unis quand il serait à la retraite. Avez vous une petite place pour lui?

  11. by Amy Partington on October 27, 2010  12:44 pm Reply

    Arielle, You are right. This made my day. Never in a million years could I have imagined... Next, you're probably going to tell me that Big Henry and Patsy are going to get there own Bambi. All these pictures are beautiful. I'm so proud of your hard work. See you soon.

  12. by Mary Taylor on November 1, 2010  7:26 pm Reply

    Aw, so cute. Looks like y'all had a blast! Miss you all

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