Weston, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

I love repeat clients and literally watching families grows as their welcome a new member. Nearly 2 years ago, I photographed Grayton, and look at him now being the big Bro! We really tried to get Grayton interested in joining in the hand picture… in fact I took a quick behind the scene picture with my iphone, and might have to share it too. A toddler in the mix of a newborn session does spice things up. I still haven’t come up with a comfortable way to get this hand image, and poor Bambi and Eddie were struggling on the ground to get their arms just the way I wanted them, all the while trying to coax Grayton to join the fun. He gave us a vague stare, deciding that his dad was totally overselling the fun part of the situation, and kept on with his activity. We still managed to get a couple images of the 2 boys together, might have used some treats (M&Ms to the rescue!) and some photoshop trickery:)

palm leaves





curled up


bamboo box


family picture



side laying

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  1. by Kathy DeFelice on June 25, 2019  2:53 pm Reply

    LOVE THE PHOTOS!!! You have a beautiful and unique way of bringing the best out in your photos! I love all the pics you’ve taken of our children and grandchildren! Thank you

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