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Long time, no see:(  Sorry for the long absence, I have been investing all my efforts into facebook lately, but now trying to rekindle with my blog, although I wonder if blogs are already a thing from the past?  What do you think, are there still people out there reading this?

Since I’ve started my business, I have photographed a little of everything, ranging from pregnancy sessions, to newborn, babies, children, families, engagements, weddings and even dogs!

Overtime, I have defined a niche.  I have specialized in Newborn and high school senior photography.  Every field demands different skills as a photographer and even later in the editing process.  You have to be very patient to photograph a newborn and willing to take your time.  However to cover a wedding, you must be very quick, witty and able to engage and place big crowds (I once photographed a wedding with 15 bridesmaids and 15 groomsmen).  The camera settings, the lenses you use are all different for each field of photography.  With the surge of social networks, the photography industry has also become very popular, and very influence by trends and fashion.  As a photographer, you must stay up to date with these latest trends, and they evolve with lightening speed!

I chose to become an expert in the newborns and high school seniors.  I still like to photograph children and am developing the “women” photography as well, but weddings, engagements and family shoots are out for me.  I still get many requests for those and always send out an email with referrals to local amazing wedding photographers.  Today, I thought I would feature them here.  I know there are many many incredible photographers in this area, I’m only featuring the ones I know, am familiar with their work and would call if I was looking for a wedding photographer.

Brides, let me advise you to get in touch as soon as possible with photographers, they stay very busy and are booked a year in advance (often more)!  I know your wedding day will be a huge financial investment, there are so many expenses, I bet your head is spinning!  But, it’s ONE day, a few hours, they will go by so fast.  When I married Henry, I remember saying hello to everyone and then starting to say goodbye and it was over, there never seem to be an “in-between”.  The only thing that will stay after months of preparation and the day has gone by, is memories and the images your wedding photographer took for you.  Don’t skimp here, you will cherish these pictures, your children will love them too.  Choose your photographer wisely and be prepared to invest a decent amount of your budget because he will give you a final product that will stay with you, long after the day has gone.  The photographers I’m listing here are all friends of mine, but I strongly suggest always to book an engagement session and/or bridal session with the photographer you finally choose to cover the big day.  This photo shoot prior to your wedding will be a good way to see if you get along, your photographer will be by your side all day on your wedding, it’s important you like each other:)

No special order of preference here, be sure to check on their names highlighted in blue, it’s a direct link taking you to their blogs.

Patsy Brown

She’s remarkable, a very experienced wedding photographer.  Always works with a very competent assistant.  She was so sweet to me when I started and allowed me to come shoot with her, I love her, and I know you will too!

Rae & Wes Laetham

A very efficient husband/wife team.  Check out their blog, their images speak for themselves.

Charles & Meg Baisden

An other wonderful husband/wife team.  You’ll see a lot of cool destination weddings on their gallery, we are so lucky to have them based here in Pensacola!

Tim Ludvigsen and Dorene Nash

Tim is in Pensacola, and Dorene in Mobile, AL.  I used to work with Dorene and would have never considered taking on a wedding without her by my side.  She is rocking her camera, so creative.  I’ve also teamed up with Tim for a few weddings.  He, too, likes to stay on the cutting edge and you won’t be disappointed.  They often work together.

David and Jess

An other really cool husband/wife team, living a pretty inspiring life: they recently embarked with their 2 children on a wonderful adventure of living in a mobile home to travel, but their business is still very strong:)

Go check out all these, I know there are more who are probably also very good, but these are all very experienced and wonderful photographers.  Good luck!

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