A quick teaser of a session at the barn. My friend, Barclay asked me to photograph her children in their favorite environment. I started tonight looking through some of the pictures I took that day and found many keepers. I couldn’t resist posting one before heading to bed. I hope everyone had a marvelous thanksgiving and a good dose of family gatherings. I went to our family dinner determined not to eat too much and I’m not sure how it happened but I stuffed myself. I think I take dieting a bit like a cartoon of Garfield I saw a few years back: when he’s not hungry he’s on a diet, but when it’s time to eat he’s off diet…
I have so much to post, lots of beautiful families, and 2 weddings.

Great news: spam mail is history on this blog, I was getting a ridiculous amount of it everyday.  I even had a hard time selecting the unwanted comments from the few precious good ones, and am afraid I trashed some  from my friends in the process… I apologize if anyone notices the absence of their comment, I so much appreciate them.  I love getting feedbacks and reading your notes, so don’t hesitate to leave a message if you feel compelled to.

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  1. by admin on July 10, 2009  3:44 am Reply

    T photos sont magnifiques! Je suis trop fiere d etre ta tante!
    Tu as du beaucoup travailler pr arriver a ce resultat,BRAVISSIMO

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