Walker & Avery

My friend, Barclay and her family are totally committed to their horses. She recently asked me to take pictures of her children at the barn. It was so much fun, it reminded me of when I was a kid and had my one year fling of riding. Only good memories, I was so close to getting my own horse, just like Avery and Walker.

Avery on her pony, Oliver Twist. Isn’t that the coolest name?

And Walker with his horse, Custom Taylored.

I had to put this one in,

This little girl has the most amazing eyes, like her mama

Thank you Barclay, I had a great time and the kids were so patient with me.


  1. by Lyssa on December 3, 2008  8:39 pm Reply

    hey arielle this is one of the best kids shoot i have seen wow !! My favorite is the2nd one ... with the windo.. timeless wow love it!!

  2. by Jessica on December 3, 2008  9:33 pm Reply

    Loving these so much! I just can't tell you how excited I am to have you photographing us on Friday! Can't wait!

  3. by Ray Nikyuluw on December 5, 2008  8:16 am Reply

    Lovely shots Arielle. Love the second shot also! Keep up the great work. you rock.....

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