Victor, Pensacola area newborn photographer

When I first came to Pensacola, I signed up to join the Needlepoint guild, and every Mondays I met the sweetest ladies in the upstairs of a framing shop to learn the art of needlepointing with its so many stitches. Later, when I became a mother, I discovered the Heirloom shop and spent so much time with Mary Dickson who taught me so much in the art of sewing and hand embroidery. Lately I have been hanging out at “Dixie Knit”. This fabulous knitting shop in downtown Pensacola has been opened nearly 2 years and has become my favorite hangout place. It is filled with treasures of yarn and supplies for all the knitting/crochets (and even felting) enthusiasts. You will always feel welcomed by the owner, Mary Virginia, and all the ladies who like to gather around the table to knit. It’s an easy setting for exchanges and there is always so much to learn from everyone. In the past year, I have made so much progress! And again, I have met a whole new group of people. Often times, I have seen Rebecca knitting some of the most elaborate shawls around that table. Just like all the ladies, I was so excited for her when she told us she was expecting. Victor’s due date seemed chosen for his dad, “May the 4th be with you”, but this little man had other plans and came a full 6 weeks early! Long before the Dixie Knit baby shower planned for his mother.

side lay



Just chilling,

Now tell me what you think: am I the only one to see the subtle finger? And doesn’t it seem like he has a little smirk to go with it?


The only thing I really need from parents is a generous milk supply, and then we get this wonderful milk drunk state

A little wink to Victor’s grandmother who is a teacher,

Those precious little toes
little toes

I tell my clients that as much as they love their pictures now, they will love them even more when their child grows up to full size adult in no time. They will reminisce of that time when he/she could just fit in their hands

This image has a special meaning to Spencer, as Victor is leaning against the teddy bear that was given to him (Spencer, Victor’s dad), when he too was a premie in the NICU

Little boys and train sets…

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  1. by Rebecca on April 30, 2019  6:11 pm Reply

    I love all the photos so much. It's hard to pick a favorite. You did an amazing job.

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