Venice with Yervant

Hi there,
Well, I’m back home and it always takes a few days to get my feet back on the ground. It’s wonderful to be back with the kiddos and Henry, I missed everyone, but I must say that aside from the HUGE leap in improving my skills each workshops gives me, they’re also quite a treat for me. I get a chance to be just me, for a short time nobody is depending on me (no children to take to school, no grocery shopping, no laundry, no mail to deal with.. you get it), but I get to do something that I LOVE, I get a chance to improve, I meet a new community of photography fanatics, and it’s so enriching. I come back each time a happier person, so full of energy to promote my business, a boost of confidence in my talent, and plenty of new tips to better my skills.
Today, I’m only posting pictures from the first day of the workshop in Venice. We were really supposed to just observe Yervant, but you can’t hold back photographers when they see the picture, the light, when all the elements are just there for a good image. And here, of course, with Yervant directing the couple, orchestrating the pose, the use of light… it was just too tempting, this is what we looked like:

By standers really wondered what was happening, was this a famous couple surrounded by an army of paparazzi?, shouldn’t they also take a few snapshots even if they didn’t recognize the famous couple? Maybe a movie?
Thanks to our models: Esther and Erico


  1. by Ray Nikyuluw on October 20, 2008  6:33 am Reply

    Wow Arielle!
    Love the light you found in this set , and some of these poses are really wonderful. I want to see more!!!!
    Great job and congrats on taking another step towards excellence. I'm mesmerized by the emotion you caught in Esther's eyes in the second last photograph (mask aside). Love the final set also! I'm going to make checking your blog a full time occupation until you get your other images up.....can't wait. Good For YOU!!!!!

  2. by Doug Sturgeon on October 30, 2008  12:31 pm Reply

    Hi Arielle , Great photos & nice Blog i like it very much.
    It was great in Venice & i hope to back soon.
    I didn't know you were also in London & Paris good job.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  3. by Naomi on November 29, 2008  6:42 am Reply

    Hi, somehow I have stumbled across your blog and I am just blown away with some of your amazing images. And how lucky are you attending all those workshops! I could only dream.

    I will be following your blog with much interest!

    Take care

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