It’s so rare for me to be on the other side of the lens. At best, once a year, around Christmas, I manage to get everyone committed to a family session. Like everyone else, I start by agonizing a little about where, when can we make the time with our ever busy schedules, what to wear.. (sounds familiar?), but quickly get my senses back and remember to just get it done! And I’m sooooo thankful to have occasionally a few pictures of my very favorite people in the world with me. To have forever some of Olivia with that giant tooth gap in her mouth, Will hugging his sisters, Henry giving me a huge unexpected smooch that nearly had me on the ground, happy Magalie and laid back Coco. I’m enjoying my children at this stage in their life so much, and these pictures are locking in a time capsule these moments, our connection these days. I am very grateful to Rae, famous Pensacola wedding photographer, to have captured these for us.

Don’t be fooled, Olivia doesn’t know how to use a broom. Truly, her biggest hope is that one day, she will join the world of magic and learn how to ride a broom witches’ style, for real!


  1. by erica on February 9, 2011  10:38 am Reply

    BEAUTIFUL family! :)

  2. by Mary Taylor on February 10, 2011  10:21 pm Reply

    Love these! Cannot believe how tall Will is, goodness! The one of Henry kissing you is adorable. You look, ARE so young Arielle :)You have a beautiful, loving, happy family.

  3. by Frederique on February 16, 2011  4:55 am Reply

    Ahhh! Toujours mes favoris. Super de voir la famille grandir. Quelques cheveux blancs de plus pour les parents a chaque centimetres que les enfants poussent... Tes photos comme toujours sont fabuleuses. Bravo!
    Grosses bises et a demain pour le dej...? Fred

  4. by Frederique on February 16, 2011  4:58 am Reply

    PS: Je voudrais bien une copie de la toute premiere photo. Elle est vraiment fabuleuse et vous etes tous relax et semblez tellement heureux.

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