Tree frogs

We have many many tree frogs stuck on our front door and windows. One night I counted over 30 on our 3 porch windows! They’re tricky by the front door, because occasionally they’ll jump on us, and it’s unnerving to have one land on your head unexpectedly. We’re all trained to site them and quickly duck through the door, you won’t find my children lingering, Olivia in particular hate their sticky touch. Coco on the other hand is the great frog hunter, and can spend hours staring at the front door, willing the green thing to come play with her.
This one has found a home in my water can, and was just peering out this morning as I was drinking my tea. By no means am I a bug or insect fan, but through my macro lens I find them all fascinating. One day, I’ll make a post with Pensacola wild’s life, you won’t believe the kind of animals we have rooming around here, and the sea life (lots of interesting creatures…).

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  1. by Rochelle DeLisle on October 10, 2009  8:29 pm Reply

    I love the second to last one! What macro lens do you use mostly? I hope your wedding shoot went well.

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