The Q Crew

A fun family, willing to brave the fierce ants of Fort Pickens with me for some pictures. The ants weren’t the only creatures hanging around, we saw severals (3) friendly (by that I mean, they weren’t the least bit frightened by our presence) mice. It was also nesting season in our National Park, and a variety of birds were circling the skies. After the Fort’s relentless ants, the children asked if we could stop by the beach. I hadn’t been since the whole BP disaster, have been avoiding news reports, and wasn’t sure what to expect. I can only report what our naked eyes could see: our world famous beautiful white sand beaches, as beautiful as ever, no tar balls in sight. As everyone on the Gulf Coast, I’m devastated and appalled by the horrid negligence of the big money making gas company. It is clear to all that the wild life is and will be terribly affected by the spill. Sadly, local businesses are also already suffering from the spotlight of the media. It’s a shame we can’t be delivered honest news, instead it seems to be a fight for the most sensational story, at the expense of our communities. Our Gulf Coast communities, who have been repeatedly hit by ravaging hurricanes (Ivan, Katrina, Dennis..), who proudly pick up and rebuild, who like the rest of the world try to overcome the “bad economy”, are now hit as badly by the spill as by sensational reporting! Seriously, don’t abandon us now, we live off tourism.
Well, I certainly got carried away and lost track of introducing this nice family. Theresa came with her 4 children and her niece.

Carson and Cecelia have the best sibling relationship I’ve ever witnessed,

Known as the Q crew (from left to right), Cecilia, Jake, Matthew and Carson.

And here is Cooper, their cousin, but they’re all so close, she may as well be a sister (I love tight families),

The best group jump picture ever: everyone getting some air (way to go Carson!) and all faces are clear of arms,


  1. by doanli on June 13, 2010  7:38 pm Reply

    Very glad to read your report, Arielle, as I cannot watch the news because I cry about the beautiful Gulf of Mexico I grew up on. We will be visiting in July/August and hope to go to the beach and do some fishing.

    As to the subjects of this photography, what a beautiful family! So much happiness!

  2. by Becky on June 14, 2010  7:14 pm Reply

    They are a fabulous family! To have watched these kids grow up alongside my friend Theresa has been a wonderful thing. John "Q" will absolutely love this! Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  3. by Christine Baehr on June 22, 2010  7:58 am Reply

    These are such wonderful pictures - so playful and sweet! What a beautiful family!

  4. by Daniel on June 27, 2010  3:05 pm Reply

    Good luck on your trip!

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