The Bucket

I have been waiting anxiously to gloat about the “blue bucket’s” retirement to the garage. For the last 2 weeks my household has been infected by some nasty, resistant GI bug. The bucket had definitely extended its welcome indoors, and does it feel good to finally have it back where it belongs, in the GARAGE!! It went through each room in the house, as we all took turns, even Coco the dog. When Will, the last victim, finally started getting better, after a safe 36 hours free of symptoms, I did my happy dance, and dramatically got rid of the bucket, forbidding anyone to need it again. I was too eager… poor Will wasn’t just quite done, we had again an other rough night and I sourly regretted the dismissal of the bucket. That night I walked around the house with surgical gloves, and a load of clorax wipes, disinfecting all surfaces, door knobs… I had dreams of hiring a health hazard squat team (white suits, oxygen bottles and all), like the one in “outbreak”, to tent my house and fumigate it, killing all germs. I sincerely feared we were going to be sick forever, but it’s over. I’m comfortable declaring it’s been eradicated, we aren’t quarantined anymore. I felt so joyful leaving all 3 kids to school on Friday, such an ordinary event. It always takes something bad to really realize and appreciate just how wonderful and blessed our everyday life is.
The blue bucket, may it remain an outdoor item for the rest of the year, for ever!

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  1. by Patsy on March 15, 2009  3:14 pm Reply

    OMG Arielle. I feel so awful for yall. Ok, so the all clear now right?
    Let's hook up for real this time.

  2. by Ray Nikyuluw on March 16, 2009  8:57 pm Reply

    ;-) You really are the blogging queen! I find it delightful that you can post a picture of a blue bucket, tell about a rather awful experience and yet leave me with a smile. Happy for you that it's over. Nice pic too...well maybe a little to centered ;-)

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