THE Boston Matathon

We’re back!!!  I had some work waiting for me and wasn’t able to post right away.  The trip was wonderful.  In the days preceding the race, the town was invaded by runners (you could spot them easily in the crowds, wearing their fancy running shoes, and running clothes), there was a frenzy kinda of atmosphere…

We were with a running group from Pensacola (including Paul and Cherie Epstein from running wild, Brian and Crystal Spencer).  There were several very nice meals, all organized by Crystal (thank you so much) and listening to the athletes I couldn’t help but feel like a sorry couch potato!!!  You should hear the kind of training they go through, it’s a wild regimen of intense exercise.  Of course, many of them have also accomplished the iron man race (something like 2 1/2 miles of swimming, than 100 miles of biking, and to finish it off a marathon!! as if the first part wasn’t enough?)  Like I said they’re athletes, not just “in shape”.  I was defenetly intimidated by their endurance, but listening to them I was also motivated to get back in shape, so this past week I’ve put my running shoes back on, my ipod, and I’m hitting the road… We’ll see how long that last.
On to the pictures, here is Henry, so close to the finishing line.
I must thank Dan, the manager of the Lenox hotel, he kindly gave me his office with prime window view of the last stretch of the marathon.  Thanks to him I was able to get some great shots of our group without fighting the crowds.
But mostly, I would have never been able to record any of this fantastic event without the help of Brian’s cousins: Martin and Linda.  They’re from the area and drove us (I was with Crystal), from our hotel, to the starting line, through traffic to the crossing line at the end.  I had the best time in their company and am so grateful they took me along, because on my own, I’m not sure I would have seen a thing.
With a best personal record time of 2 hours and 57 minutes, Brian Spencer on the left, with Paul Epstein and Mike Tapia.

Yes, this is Lance.  7 times winner of the Tour de France… I really wish that maybe soon a fellow frenchman could get the title..

And here, for my friend Patsy Brown, the very inspiring team: Dick Hoyt and his son.

At last, right after the finish line, most of our group from Pensacola: (left to right) Erika Smith, Mike Mc Comb, Meri Asmar, Cherie and Paul Epstein, Henry, Mike Tapia, and Brian Spencer.

From my view point, up in the beautiful Lenox hotel, the finishing line.  The cheering crowds never thinned through out the whole 26.3 miles!!!

For those who wish to see more of my coverage of the event, here is a direct link to my website with a slideshow:
Or go to my website:, choose “client login”, the password is: boston_08

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