The Baehrs

Before I move on to a new session, I had to post of few of this wonderful family together. Now, it’s obvious to all, the good looks run in the gene pool.

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  1. by leesa schroeder on May 14, 2010  5:35 pm Reply

    the pictures show not only the outer beauty but also the inner as well. quite delightful.

  2. by Courtney Pate on May 17, 2010  1:17 pm Reply

    I LOVE the photos!!!

  3. by Terry & Beau on May 20, 2010  5:40 am Reply

    We enjoyed seeing the family pictured together. The essence was captured. Beautiful pictures!

  4. by John Baehr on May 25, 2010  7:56 pm Reply

    Of course I'm a little biased but these kids tug my heart strings.

  5. by Jessie Thompson on June 4, 2010  10:49 am Reply

    How will this family be able to choose their images? As always, you have done an amazing job for them!

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