Taylor, Pensacola High School Senior

What a lovely session this was! I felt like I had Rapunzel in front of my camera, that hair!!! Taylor and her friend, Molly, shared a session (great way to save half of the session fee), so very soon, I’ll have an other post with Molly’s images.
I photographed these last Friday. Monday, Taylor came with her mother, Sheryl (the sweetest lady ever!) to select their favorites for me to edit. They loved the pictures so much, their excitement (with hands flapping in the air:) was so contagious! This is what I strive to provide for my clients, images that will forever be cherished, reminders of a special time in your life. I hope that next year, when Taylor will have “flown out of the nest” living a new chapter of her life in college, Sheryl will enjoy these pictures. Then later, when Taylor will be an adult raising her family, these will bring great memories of her last childhood moments.












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  1. by Mary sparkman on April 16, 2014  11:15 am Reply

    What a beauty.

  2. by Sherron Moore on April 16, 2014  11:33 am Reply

    Of course I am partial, but these photos are exquisite. The wonderful thing is that Taylor is a sweet as she is lovely. Arielle, you are an artist.

  3. by Sheryl VandenBerg on April 16, 2014  11:54 am Reply

    Thanks so much for the lovely Blog Arielle! These photos captured Taylor as so many of us see her - happy and beautiful! Amazing!!!

  4. by Tom on April 16, 2014  12:03 pm Reply

    How apt a description to say that you have Rapunzel in front of the camera. Great photos of a wonderful subject.

  5. by Brett Creaven on April 16, 2014  12:38 pm Reply

    Amazing photos. Great photography, first class

  6. by Susan Kiger on April 16, 2014  12:40 pm Reply

    Just beautiful pictures! Loved them! Great Job! Taylor is so beautiful!

  7. by Jake on April 16, 2014  12:45 pm Reply

    Gorgeous! I guess I'm a pretty lucky guy. <3 ;P

  8. by Sakari McDonald on April 16, 2014  1:03 pm Reply

    Beautiul pics! Taylor looks so pretty! Love the pic in the hat! Love them!

  9. by Vicki Baroco on April 16, 2014  1:24 pm Reply

    You have captured the essence of a magical spirit. Well done, Arielle. Well done!

  10. by Taylor VandenBerg on April 16, 2014  2:09 pm Reply

    I had the most amazing time working with you! You're not only an amazing photography, but such a joy to work with! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.

  11. by Grace on April 16, 2014  2:33 pm Reply

    Taylor is beautiful!

  12. by Teya Lonquist on April 16, 2014  2:40 pm Reply

    Absolutely stunning!

  13. by Tera on April 16, 2014  3:01 pm Reply

    What a beautiful picture of Taylor.

  14. by Nancy Ricciardi on April 16, 2014  3:04 pm Reply

    Amazing!! Such a beautiful girl.

  15. by Jasal on April 16, 2014  3:10 pm Reply

    Lookin one hunned, my A1 since day 1

  16. by Tori on April 16, 2014  3:12 pm Reply

    SO beautiful!!! I am obsessed with these! I love my Tvan so much :)

  17. by Sara on April 16, 2014  6:56 pm Reply

    Looking beautiful as always<3

  18. by Allen on April 17, 2014  6:12 am Reply

    Great Photos!

  19. by Mike on April 17, 2014  9:57 am Reply

    These are wonderful pictures of Taylor. Thanks for sharing!

  20. by Jan on April 17, 2014  10:01 am Reply

    Absolutely beautiful! These are great pictures!

  21. by Nancy Edwards on April 17, 2014  3:58 pm Reply

    Precious young lady - - Arielle you captured a beautiful moment in time!

  22. by Tonya Mosley on April 17, 2014  8:50 pm Reply

    Wow. She is so beautiful. It is hard to believe you are graduating.

  23. by Michael Dennis on April 20, 2014  6:29 pm Reply

    What a beauty! Taylor is gorgeous!

  24. by Geof VanDen Berg on April 20, 2014  6:55 pm Reply

    Wonderful pictures! Absolutely Love them.
    I can't believe Taylor is all grown up,
    A true sweetheart. . .

  25. by Jackie on April 20, 2014  7:30 pm Reply

    Oh Wow! Such beautiful pictures of Taylor! We love them!!!

  26. by Valerie V. on April 20, 2014  7:45 pm Reply

    Taylor looks so happy and excited!!!!! These pictures are so stunning and capture her beauty inside and out!!

  27. by CRYSTAL KUKTA on April 21, 2014  11:14 am Reply

    These picture are beyond words, Exquisite comes to mind though. I couldnt even begin to pick a favorite they are all so breath taking!! The photograpy and settings are beautifully put together along with your choice of outfit. These pictures actually brought tears to my eyes, maybe its because I can simpathize with your mother on the emotion that floods our hearts as our little girls become young women. Taylor you are certainly model material these photos look straight out of a magazine, you are absolutely stunning in each and everyone of these pictures. I wish you the very best in your future and hope nothing but happiness for you in every aspect of your life, as your embard upon the next chapter of your life.
    Crystal Kukta

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