Meet Stormy, our Vet’s beautiful Husky. Last week, was our first visit to the East Hill Animal Clinic. Our previous Vet moved too far away for us, and now Coco will be a patient of Dr. Laura Hall. Coco was presenting some very odd symptoms, which had me worried she might turn into psycho dog: every other night she would wake me every couple of hours to go outside. The first night I ignored her, but learned the next morning to run when she called the next time ( I won’t describe the mess, nasty!). The weird thing was the inconsistency of the problem. This went on for 3 nights over a week’s time.  I ended up sleeping in the hall way… I was so relieved when Dr. Hall told me she had parasites, I know, some may think that’s yucky, to me it was the best news: Coco’s not out to drive me insane, and we can treat the problem. We are now back on our regular sleep routine, and Dr. Hall is our hero. Coco is seriously thankful for the change of diet that came along with the treatment. She’s always been a picky eater.  I guess with Chanel as a middle name you just can’t handle plain dry dog food, but she loves the can stuff, heated in the microwave please for princess Coco.
Stormy is a beautiful dog, with a very strong mind. I’m afraid she had other plans for her morning than playing model for me. She mostly paced around my little studio, anxious to go outside, but with Loraine’s help we managed a few great shots. She was beautiful, after having been pampered at the Pet Resort.

To see more of Stormy click on the fancy button below,


  1. by Yvonne Boudreaux on March 29, 2009  11:58 am Reply

    Awesome pictures!!!

  2. by on March 30, 2009  3:00 pm Reply

    I have seen many engagement pictures, and these are just beautiful!! Excellent professional expertise given to the whole process certainly does show in the quality of each and every picture.

  3. by saphoto on April 1, 2009  8:09 pm Reply

    omgosh one of my favorite dogs, love them, so cute

  4. by laura balters on April 22, 2009  10:17 pm Reply

    this pup has some amazing personality that comes out with the camera...i can almost feel him curious and wondering what is happening....his eyes are spectacular and the one with the tongue is hysterical and beautiful....nice nice work!

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